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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

You feel deeply these days when it comes to extra responsibilities and health matters, it's also time to leave the past behind and to live in the present, don't let old wounds haunt you as it can result in melancholy. There is much to be happy about as you are extra creative and can do some exceptional art work or music, all the hobbies you indulge in are waiting for your input, also those special people in your life are there for you and you are doing things you enjoy, love surrounds you at this time. For many of you, younger family members figure strongly in your life, you are proud of them, and spending time conversing with them lifts your spirits, also there is plenty of sympathy for any problems they may have. In the first half of the month there is spending to be done, you look for items that will please the ones you love along with things for your home, however you need to safeguard your money as losses can occur. Later in the month you discuss holidays as you are getting itchy feet, a lot is sorted by the 26th, however for some, holidays may not apply therefore other matters are being discussed, there is a sense of achievement. From the 11th onwards your career and public life go smoothly, but around the 17th something could occur that is significant or difficult.