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Monthly Horoscope for February 2024


Apart from the fact that you are feeling positive and hopeful about your friendships and objectives, you also feel restless and want to throw off the shackles and break out. For some of you a health problem requires attention and many discussions and messages centre around this, but don’t worry this is only applies to a minority. There is quite a lot going on in your private life with much talking and communicating, this could involve any solitary work including the help and selfless service you do for others, also matters surfacing from the subconscious or whatever is secret could occupy you. Your spiritual life can be important and you may feel guided with a lot of love coming your way, brilliant notions and ideas are possible and if you write you are inspired. The things and people that once brought meaning to your life are subject to change and you have to adapt in order to go forwards. Dreams can be significant and travel can have an obstacle, also a relationship has to evolve in order for you live the life you really want. From the middle of the month onwards you find a sense of purpose and feel powerful verbally and in your efforts, also Venus pairs up with Mars which is beneficial inwardly, you realise that you are loved and therefore feel at peace. A new Moon in your sign opens up a new phase in your life with the possibility of the unexpected.