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Monthly Horoscope for June 2024


There is a lot of love for you when it comes to close family, and with Jupiter in this area for a year, younger family members make you proud, (see my blog on the journey of Jupiter). It is also a time for fun things to do including a bit of romance for many of you, however you tend to be cautious with money even if it is unwarranted, or perhaps someone has a problem that interferes with the things you love to do. Creativity flourishes in this climate and amazing pieces of work are the outcome, words are also succinct and carry much weight, they may even be fortunate for you; when it comes to work there is a good balance between work and pleasures. There is a focus on earnings, values, and your security, this month fun and interests can deplete resources, so there is a need to keep an eye on outgoings, also some of you may have health problems so do take care of yourself. A message or conversation that is something to do with your home or family can come out of the blue and take you by surprise, it could even be related to a health issue, however you feel guided and looked after by unseen forces, there can be a strong spiritual connection, some of you see beyond the veil. Late in the month work and routine run smoothly and you are very caring with others, earlier in the month energies continue to pour into communications and conversations, especially with relatives. From the 9th onwards energies are used to give your home a facelift, or you may be having work done, however there can be an obstacle or anxiety, also talks and messages are still significant along with the people you love. A new Moon opens up a new phase of pleasures, creativity, or romance, and there is much love from close family.