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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2022

Your home and family and the way you feel about them is emphasised this month; some of you would like to move home while others value there home as a retreat from the pressures of life; whatever your situation is, inner feelings need to be addressed as they may be guiding you. Your income, your security, and your self worth are also highlighted with a great link up between Venus and Jupiter, you are loved and you feel good about yourself. There is quite a bit of spending going on as well, but you are in a secure position and only spend when it improves your quality of your life. Jupiter moves to a new sign on the 11th until late October, therefore verbal exchanges and communications will tend to be beneficial, a friend could open doors for you and a special aim can be realised; along with this, it is possible that a relative could be fortunate for you in some way. Venus is in this area for most of the month, so enjoy the banter and getting out and about, also relatives make you feel happy and needed. Conversations are likely to be with family members, and are upbeat and optimistic, as well as constructive and helpful.