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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


Discussing all manner of issues and sensitive matters with close family is a strong theme this year, there is a mutual understanding and empathy, you are there for each other. There is a powerful focus on your private life encompassing any work you do alone, your secrets, health matters or your spiritual life, and it's important to remain positive in any challenging scenarios; in general you are quite good at presenting an upbeat face to the world. There is a likelihood of the unexpected when it comes to travel or the personal area of your life and circumstances or deep feelings put limitations on all you would like to do or achieve, however you find love and happiness within your home and with family, beautiful surroundings bring feelings of well being. You feel a need to conserve your cash, which could be a wise move, as well as this intimacy can become a pressing need, but for some of you it is unrequited; energy levels are high and with Jupiter bringing benefits in your daily life and health wise for most of the year apart from mid May – late July when it moves to Pisces ( see section on Love ) you are on a roll. However Saturn also in the area of routine and health can mean more responsibilities and a need to be cautious with any health niggles. There is the possibility of impending changes within the family for some of you, or changes in the ways you occupy yourself in your spare time, you like to feel needed by those you are close to.

Love and Romance

For those of you looking for love, it may be found at a distance or even found with a distant relative, but many of you simply find security and love in the home where love is unconditional. Daydreaming about a romance or being romantically fooled is also a possibility, so keep your feet on the ground and be discriminating. January is a good month for your romantic life, and for those seeking love there could be a sudden attraction, while those happily attached look forwards to some good times. February is noteworthy for beginnings or endings, March for security and for deepening a relationship , while May is splendid for a holiday that might have romantic overtones. Meeting someone special is likely from 14th May – end of July, especially June. Another beneficial phase lasts from 5th November – early March 2022, so don't let possibilities slip by.

Work and Daily Routine

With Jupiter and Saturn moving through your sector of work and routine, there may be work opportunities including promotions, Saturn brings responsibilities and a need to knuckle down, while Jupiter indicates expansion; those at home will be just as busy. February is a good month even a significant month for work and your everyday routine, there may be surprises or challenges, this month heralds changes. There's good news in March and a busy phase in your career and public life until late April, and from 9th May until early June there is a harmonious phase in the work place and work is a pleasure, however June has its difficulties or obstacles; on a positive note there are things to smile about in September. A total Eclipse in December brings a new phase for your home life, and a full Moon on the 19th ends a phase in your working life bringing a fresh approach.