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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


In certain ways this is quite a significant year for you, your home and family are even more of a priority, and conversations tend to revolve around them, or take place at work. Inwardly your can experience a certain emptiness, or worry about your home and family and the rising cost of living, but you are good at being frugal and can give them some tips, however you are a natural worrier so try a bit of mindfulness. Something could change this year, engendering strong emotions, you may have to adjust and simply get on with life, you are strong. Jupiter continues its journey in your zone of travel and beliefs until late May, however something could affect a journey, studies are also affected for some of you, these are areas where deep change can take place, however the people you love are a comfort. In late May for a year Jupiter is in a new sign affecting your career and public life (see my section on work). Your status is well established, and your life out of doors revolves around your family, which brings emotional happiness, younger family members enjoy your presence in their lives. Uranus continues its journey (see my blog), and Neptune is still in your relationship sector bringing a sadness for some or the ideal mate, many of you have the perfect partner. Pluto changes sign until September, from late November it is established in its new sign for a long stay, therefore it is important to take care of your health, also siblings or other relatives, along with communications gain importance in your life, it can also affect your working life (see my section on work and routine).

Love and Romance

With Saturn moving through your zone of relationships, a partner’s faults tend to be illuminated, requiring extra tolerance and love; singles should concentrate on other areas of their life as it can be a dry spell where partnerships are concerned, however some of you encounter a Capricorn or Aquarian who could become important to you. Many of you find security and love through your family, you support each other. In the months up to mid February you seek pleasures, and from 23rd January-mid February, you are feeling upbeat and loved, for some of you a sudden attraction is possible. From mid March-early April, partnerships run smoothly, and from late March until the end of April, feelings run deep and you achieve a lot together. October is a significant month for relationships, and from mid November until early December happy times and even a bit of romance is possible.

Work and Daily Routine

Your occupation and routine bring meaning to your life, and with Pluto entering this area on 21st January-September, and then from late November for many years, you will experience changes in your working life and routine, they can be minor or major so you will need to adapt. From late May for a year Jupiter benefits your career and public life, there may be work opportunities and advancements, some of you will work from home. From mid February, you are very busy until late March, Venus also joins the party helping you to be happy in your tasks. There’s a big change in May, but you adapt well and feel good inwardly; from late July until early September it is all systems go, and can be stressful. In October you have adapted to changes, and from early December-January 2025, your work and daily tasks help you to feel secure.