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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


There is a lot of fun to be had this year, you could have exciting holidays with a ‘spur of the moment’ feel, or you may plan them carefully which would be wise, friends can make good companions if you are not attached; however there is a need to make sure your health is okay before you leave as ailments could crop up at your destination. The people who mean most to you are at the forefront, and a message from someone close could astound you, there may be something of importance to deal with, but you can be sure that a lot of love comes your way. Conversations tend to be with family members, and cover any difficult issues, as well as all the happy occasions that take place in the present and the future, relatives come high on your list this year. It’s possible that because of the journey of Jupiter you might have a windfall or a bountiful year, you all gain something that is beneficial through another in the months up to the 17th May, for some you expand your metaphysical knowledge. It is also possible that you could gain from your home is some way, while a few can be troubled with an inherited condition. The rest of the year Jupiter can bring wonderful holidays, while those who study are inspired and know that they are on the right track and sailing towards a bright future; spiritually you sense a connection to something greater. On the 8th March Saturn changes sign for over two years, so younger family members will literally be the centre of your Universe, and a Capricorn or Aquarian could become important to you.

Love and Romance

There is a lot of love for you this year, whether it’s a new romance or a happy partnership; for many of you much love comes your way from family, you have deep feelings in this area. Those looking for love seek an intense passionate relationship, while others grieve over a loss. From the 27th January-19th February, deep relationships go through a harmonious phase, powerful emotions are likely, for others, memories are poignant. March or April are significant for surprises of the romantic kind, in July there could be a sudden attraction, however it could fizzle out. September is special for relationships or the memory of one; your mind is on good times and happy interludes as the year ends, friendships also have a special place in your psyche.

Work and Daily Routine

This is an important year for your career and public life, both are very varied, your work requires you to be multi talented and your out of doors life is multi faceted; you have deep emotions when it comes to the above. For some there are important changes, while others are guided by family needs, and because of the journey of Saturn it’s likely that work and duties can deplete your energy, you are not one to give in, but your health may suffer unless you can get some rests and breaks from routine. A busy phase ensues up to late March, but from mid April until 7th May work makes you feel secure, but there could be a sense of loss in May, or perhaps appointments to attend, however you feel cared for. August can be difficult but you are strong, in November you feel committed in your career even though there are challenges, in December your aims, friends, and family gain importance.