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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


Many of you are travelling this month, if not, you certainly would like to get away from it all, however something cramps your style, it may be work or a personal reason, especially at the beginning of the month. Travel or studies are a topic of conversation, you talk to your partner and older family members, and there are solutions and help with any problems. Words flow with ease between you and those you love, you try to help someone close who could be in the throes of deep change. There is a focus on your home and family, with much empathy between you and them, as you are deeply caring with family members, for some of you a health issue receives good care and treatment. Surprises are likely this month, and important changes are possible or you may have obstacles to overcome, however you are well equipped to do so. From the 5th onwards you have a great sense of commitment to whatever you feel strongly about, and when it comes to shared finances and spending, you want to treat those who are special in your life, also, deeply personal matters linked to your partner or someone close may be relevant, an important change could be imminent. A new Moon on the 12th, initiates a new phase of travel, of study, and matters linked to the things and people that bring meaning to your life, there can be , the unexpected.