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Monthly Horoscope for July 2024


This month is partly about all that your home and family members mean to you, it also reflects the way you are feeling inside and your caring attitude that you have for others, especially in a relationship, you have a sense of commitment. By mid month you are ready to have some fun, but a friend may have other plans, later on in the month you realise there is a lot of love for you and conversation is sparkling. Your creative gene kicks in at this time giving you flair and the desire to create, along with this, romance is on your mind, as well as outings and wining and dining, so enjoy whatever is on the agenda. There is a focus on earnings and your security, and you spend on whatever means the most to you, achieving all you set out to do which gives you a stronger sense of self worth, however in this phase you can be feisty or confrontational, so cool it and try to be more tolerant, channel that excess energy into work or doing something creative. Having a nice comfortable home that you can present to others is important for most of you, and family are just as meaningful to your life, if you are planning a nice break you feel excited when communicating and talking to others, also in your ambitions you are gaining power. Late in the month you have a lot to convey in your messaging and conversations especially with relatives, and when it comes to writing you excell, there is great hope for the future.