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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

It's a bit of a mixed month, firstly you have the Sun highlighting your work and daily routine along with your health and well being, it shows a need for hard work and dedication; for some duties take their toll, so there is a need to consider your own health, as well as this, friends can have problems. With Mars in this area for the first half of the month it is a very busy hardworking phase, so take time out to relax, a good friend comes up trumps at this time, and there may even be a cash bonus, or great feelings of security, your self worth is on the rise. All sorts of communications are a theme just now, there are uplifting exchanges with friends and all those who bring meaning to your life. Your mind is working well and logically this month, and talking to an older person especially about a relationship is a helpful and positive conversation, for others the rewarding exchange is with a friend. Partnerships and finances improve from the 11th onwards, but there may be a setback around the 17th, it can require thought or money. From the 15th onwards a relationship could be on your mind, it may be long term, or it could be a good friend that you feel a sense of commitment about; there is a sense of achievement around the 26th.