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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2022

Your security and your financial position are a priority this month and friends can help you feel secure; there can also be the unexpected money wise which affects your plans and objectives either positively or negatively; however Jupiter enters your sign on the 11th until late October bringing you either wonderful holidays and travel, or if you have been studying, you are well on the way to fulfilling your dreams, Jupiter brings expansion and beneficial people or resources into your life. In your private life there is a lot of love for you as well as compassion and tenderness, and with Mars in this sector you are very busy in some capacity, you may be helping someone, revising, or doing some other solitary work. Venus is in your sign for most of the month softening that Aries edge and making you even more desirable, you radiate warmth and bonhomie. From the 25th until early July Mars is in your sign giving you drive and energy, in June it is ‘full steam ahead’, nothing can stand in your way. Your mind is working in deep ways this month with much breadth of vision, you see and understand more than most.