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Monthly Horoscope for April 2024


For many of you it is your birthday month, and with Mercury retrograde in your sign, you are retracing your steps in some way, going over old ground in a verbal sense and in your communications. However Venus is in your sign also, smoothing out relationships and incorporating changes in the best possible way, your best qualities shine out this month, your compassionate side is in evidence. The people you care for and the things you love doing are in focus, and you can feel very sympathetic with someone you are close to. There may be a change of plan, possibly linked to distances, or if you are a student dissatisfaction or a heavy work load can be troublesome, so it’s best just to get on with it, these feelings will pass. With Mars in your most private sector, you are very busy behind the scenes, you may be working alone on some project, or busy helping someone, for some a health problem could need attention if it is worrying you; make sure you get adequate rest and try not to worry. It’s not a time to change anything in your life radically, so stay strong and go with the flow. On the 8th a total Solar Eclipse in your sign heralds a new phase in your life, with frest challenges and surprises.