Monthly Horoscope for Cancer by Carol Elaine
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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

Mentally you can feel a bit troubled, or you receive a communication that can set you thinking, someone may be on your mind, and a sadness can occupy your thoughts, however friends are able to lift your spirits, it could even be a friend you have a spiritual connection with. In the first half of the month you are busy with discussions and communications of all kinds, perhaps linked to your work, you express yourself with depth and power but also with sensitivity and compassion; talking to relatives is likely at this time. From the middle of the month onwards your attention turns to your home, you will be busy and will manage to achieve a great deal, if you are working from home the same applies. There is a focus on your inner and private life, spiritually you are very aware and tuned in, you can help others with your insights, also there may be a financial boost of some sort for a few of you. Subconsciously you are in a good place, with a mind set that serves you well, you can feel intense compassion for others, or there may be a health issue for yourself or someone close that responds well to treatment. You sense much love in your home life, and from the 11th onwards feelings of love increase where family is concerned, however around the 17th can be difficult; creatively you are inspired and you seek pleasure, so enjoy all the month has to offer.