Monthly Horoscope for Cancer by Carol Elaine
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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


In some ways this is a significant month for you, there is guidance from your friends and from spirit, someone means a great deal to you and a special aim is on track, also shared finances help your plans to unfold and reach fruition in this celebratory month. There have been important changes in your life, and you haven’t quite moved on yet, powerful emotions lie beneath the surface when it comes to family and to your partner, there can also be change on the home front, or for family members. There is a focus on your work, on your routine, and maybe your health, your career is going through a very busy phase, along with everyday tasks, this does not ease until early January. It is a phase when you need to offset hectic activity with periods of compete rest or your health could suffer; conversations in these areas can involve distances and sensitive matters, and a new Moon in this sector initiates a new phase for work, routine, or health, with the unexpected. Inwardly you find happiness with close family, and creatively you are inspired, also romance is on the agenda for most of you, so be happy and enjoy the love.