Monthly Horoscope for Cancer by Carol Elaine
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Monthly Horoscope for May 2024


A certain goal you have can come up against an obstacle, or a change in your circumstances tends to make an aim or friendship difficult, especially early in the month. With Venus in the above area for most of the month friendships are necessary emotionally, and as the month progresses you are aware of a lot of love passing to and fro with your friends, and an aim in life fills you with anticipation. Your intuition is highly tuned at this time, you are open to silent guidance and strong gut instincts which you use in your work and with your family; when it comes to your financial situation you know which steps to take to remain secure. At times though you feel troubled, it may be personal or linked to someone who has been important to you. Hard work is the flavour of the month, but you like it that way, you have a strong sense of purpose and can be unstoppable, but make sure you have time for leisure and pleasure, keep the balance or face burnout. Late in the month Venus and Jupiter enter your most private sector, (see my blog on the journey of Jupiter) therefore you could be helping others unselfishly, or working away in private, subconsciously pleasant memories bring a feeling of well being, also anything linked to health goes well for you at this time; Jupiter offers you silent protection in these areas. A new Moon brings a new and exciting phase for friendships and your goals, with the surprising.