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Monthly Horoscope for May 2024


There can be a bit of friction in close relationships early in the month, perhaps there are differences of opinion, or a change in your life that has left you at a loss or fased, however with Venus in the area of close relationships for most of the month, yes, there are challenges but there is also a feeling of well being as you mainly get on well with others, and as the month progresses you know you are deeply loved, or at the very least, happy in your own skin. Late in the month Venus and Jupiter move on, (see my blog on the journey of Jupiter) therefore financial matters gain importance, along with intimacy and closeness, these deep and important matters are favourable in your private life. There is a focus on your home and family, and there may have been changes or difficult issues to deal with, but with Pluto now in this area, inwardly you have personal power and can make the changes that are required whether they are in your career or with your home and family. You are very busy when it comes to your working life and routine, you have strength of purpose, but you also need to take care of your health by not stressing over others, find time for yourself and your needs, also talking to someone close about your difficulties or sadness is therapeutic. A new Moon heralds a new phase of exciting possibilities in the area of close relationships and your interactions with others, but some of you prefer your freedom.