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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

Friendships along with your plans and goals are very much a theme at this time, you may feel sad about a friendship, but other friends keep you afloat. You put a lot of energy into your friendshipa and your objectives, there are more activities just now and you are determined to realise something special that you have been planning. The other focus is on all those things and people you feel deeply about, you have much sympathy and sensitivity with your family, and for some, a lover or a soul mate, but as far as romance goes you need to discriminate or pay the price. Conversations are helpful and constructive this month and revolve around your private life, but something desired is blocked, perhaps you need to move on. From the 11th onwards Venus is in your sign blessing you with a peaceful aura, you feel happier in your own skin, others gravitate towards you and bask in your allure, however around the 17th you can hit a low spot. Later in the month you are busy in your private life, you may be doing a lot for others, in which case you achieve all you set out to do; psychologically you could be ruminating so you need to chill and put the past behind you, for your own sake.