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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


You spend as much as you can afford on any younger family members, and others who mean a lot to you, but true enjoyment of life evades you at times, for various reasons. Discussions and communications revolve around finances, and the people who help you to feel secure, these exchanges have sympathetic and sensitive element to them. You are in a positive frame of mind around the 8th and 18th, and talking to relatives and friends is helpful and brings solutions so don’t bottle up any problems. There are changes or obstacles for someone close, especially a woman who is important to you, also any medical matters tend to go well, and there is harmony within the family. Travel or matters at a distance are highlighted for some of you, but there can be a situation linked to relatives that can make this difficult, also changes in your private life is a possibility. Venus moves into Scorpio on the 5th, and is there for most of the month, therefore a peaceful enigmatic aura settles around you, and others seek your company, love felt from the heart is driving you. Those who study are pleased with their progress, and seek a bit of fun and romance, there is no stopping you now. A new Moon brings a new phase for finances, security, and your self worth, so rein in that spending, there may be the unexpected.