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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


You do a lot of communicating and conversing with the people who make you feel secure, you are committed to those who are close to you, but there are challenges in your life, either related to someone you love or to your work, and at the start of the month this is more than apparent. Conversations have a warmth and are sensitive and sympathetic, but also helpful and constructive, a woman or your children are ultra important at this time, you want them to enjoy themselves at this celebratory time of year. There is a focus on your career and your public life, work is lucrative and enables you to have the things and the fun you crave, strong emotions drive you on; also if you or someone close has a health issue, appointments go well and treatment is helpful. You are living in a time of important changes in your life, which you sense deeply near the start of the month, but earnings and feelings of self worth enable you to achieve all you set out to do, you are on a roll, managing your work and routine with ease, and any inherited condition is very manageable. Relatives, close family, and home give your life a fulness and depth, you want everyone to have a great time, and spend as much as you can in order to treat those who matter. A new Moon brings a new phase of communications, and matters concerning relatives, there is the unexpected.