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Monthly Horoscope for June 2024


All the things and people you care about are extra important this month, and if you want to travel you will have to think about the pros and cons. Many of you have work to consider, or for some a health problem for yourself or someone close has to be taken into account, however, Jupiter is well placed to help you where travel, distances, or study is concerned (see my blog on the journey of Jupiter) but you may just have to be content with communicating and local travel when it comes to those you care for, just get out and about and enjoy yourself. There is a focus on work, routine, and health, you have much compassion for someone; also you could hear something that comes out of the blue, something you weren’t expecting, for some it concerns finances. There are certain matters that bring a great deal of joy this month, if you manage a trip away you will have a lovely time, also words carry weight when you discuss deep and important matters and those special joys in your life. Later in the month Venus is smoothing out any wrinkles in you career and in your outdoor life, although there is still the odd challenging moment, also you are very caring with someone close to you. Early in the month you continue to be busy with your partner or others, and there may be a bit of friction, so you need to consider each others point of view, but from the 9th Mars moves on, therefore money can become an issue when it comes to spending, your drives are strong in this phase and the more intimate side of a relationship is to the fore. A new Moon brings a new phase for travel, study, or your spiritual life, with much to look forwards to.