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Monthly Horoscope for February 2024


This is a significant month for you, you are optimistic money wise and may even have a windfall, there is certainly a chance of the unexpected and a new Moon affirms this, it also bring a new phase for children, fun, creativity and romance. There is a lot of discussion with parents or other family members and your home is one of the topics, these talks are constructive, helpful, and may revolve around your financial situation, there is a lot of love for you where family is concerned and you all get on well together. Subtle or big changes are on the way which can affect your money situation and your security, hopefully these will be positive changes, this is all down to the journey of Pluto. In the middle of the month you seek the pleasures in life which can be affected by circumstances and money issues, but you and your partner need to indulge in a bit of romance and the lighter side of life, also you have a lot of love for your children and delight in their achievements; singles could have a romantic encounter and you all need a bit of pleasure in your lives. There are some challenges this month but also a way forwards, you buzz with anticipation.