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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

Something in your private life concerns you, a sense of joy could be missing, perhaps an issue close to your heart is not manifesting, or someone you love is having difficulties. For some there is a health problem that needs attention, but on the positive side there is great pleasure derived from those close up and personal moments with your partner, if that doesn't apply, money matters are pleasing so you can treat yourself, or do a bit of wining and dining. You are able to purge negative thoughts about the past this month, and you keep yourself busy in private, indulging in creative pursuits is very cathartic. Communications at a distance or with relatives is likely and helps you to feel cheerful, good advice is always welcome and you like a good natter with them. Early in the month you are at your sparkling best, others find you really good company and you realise just how much you are loved; from the 11th onwards Venus graces your zone of earnings, security and self worth, therefore you feel valued and the money situation isn't too bad either, however around the 17th something is difficult. Later on in the month Mars enters your sign filling you with enthusiasm and 'get up and go', your energy levels are good and you and your partner achieve a lot together.