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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


Your private life, your health, along with secrets or solitary work are highlighted this year, and there is a bit of juggling going on between work and the above matters, but you manage all of it very nicely, and should be proud of yourself. Those of you spiritually inclined, find much comfort from a spiritual link, which helps with any troubles in your life. A beneficial aspect to Jupiter, can show that shared resources are not a cause for concern, however you can feel emotional over a sadness, perhaps linked to a relative, you feel much compassion. There is an emphasis on communications and conversations with your partner and other relatives, these exchanges concern work, health, and your daily routine, there is much empathy and sympathy whatever the circumstances are at this time. Energies are poured into communications and local travel, your mental faculties are razor sharp just now and relatives are ultra important to you. Jupiter can bring windfalls or beneficial circumstances through others, and an interest in after death states can be ignited, or an interest in metaphysics, Jupiter is in this area until late May, from late May for a year it brings travel or higher learning into your life, also, those you love are extra special, some of you are inspired spiritually. Saturn instigates new structures in your working life and routine that requires adaptation on your part, while for some of you, a health condition can be limiting, but you have the willpower and common sense to just get on with life. Pluto is moving through your zone of pleasures and creativity until September and then from late November for many years, therefore your creative powers are intense, and pleasure is dependent on your financial situation, also if you have children, be careful how you treat them as it can affect them in later life, encourage and praise is the way forwards.

Love and Romance

Because of Pluto’s journey your love life can be affected, it can become intense and possessive, those looking for love seek a powerful exciting person, and there is a sense that love has a fated quality. Love is expressed through gentle verbal exchanges and in getting out and about together, singles may find love through communications, however there can be difficulties or disappointments, it has its downside; platonic love for family is deeply felt this year. From mid February – late March you seek pleasure and romance, and your children bring much happiness. April is a great month for close relationships, and your desire nature is strong in May, there are many mutual activities and a bit of an edge in partnerships. Your drives are strong in June and July, and in September you shine like a star, in December you enjoy yourself and feel much love for your partner and family.

Work and Daily Routine

With Saturn in your work and routine area for over two years, you are driven to work but can resent it sometimes, you just have to get on with it, you will reap the rewards. Mid March-early April work and routine bring satisfaction and a degree of pleasure, but from late March until the end of April it can be hectic, take care with your health in this phase. From mid June until mid July you feel committed to your career, and in September until early November your dedication to hard work is bringing kudos, others are watching you with admiration. For those at home September and October are special months as you are committed in your heart.