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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


Matters that are deep and important to you figure strongly this year, it could be your financial situation, especially shared resources, or life events that can affect you deeply; you may be more than usually aware of the intangibles and feel that fate has the upper hand. Some of you expand your knowledge of metaphysical matters, and something strong within helps you to ride any storm. Conversations tend to involve the above, and a family member is particularly helpful for you, along with your hobbies and pleasures which are a great distraction; also much sympathy and compassion flows between you and those you love. There may be a lot of travelling to do this year, but for some, studies are a priority, you love to learn; try not to be too dogmatic about your beliefs, as others have every right to believe in their own philosophies of life and the Universe. In the months up to the 17th May Jupiter is in your sector of relationships (see section on love), it can also have a beneficial effect on your dealings with others, especially any professionals; the rest of the year it can indicate windfalls and good fortune through others, although these effects could be subtle. Saturn moves to another sign on the 8th March for over two years, therefore work can seem hard going, it’s best just to keep your head down and get on with it, however it can create new structure in your working life, see my section on (work and your Daily Routine). Try to balance your life with health giving activities like mindfulness and gentle exercise to offset problems in your body and mind.

Love and Romance

With Jupiter in your house of relationships until mid May, those with a partner are grateful for the benefits they bring to your life, you have a great rapport and share a love of pleasure. The rest of the year Jupiter can bring windfalls or an upswing in shared resources, and a relationship deepens emotionally and physically; if you are single someone new could enter your life and change if forever, however some of you will prefer to be footloose and free as a bird. You feel deep emotions in January as well as happiness and much love, the 14th and 22nd can be significant; from the 20th February until mid March relationships run smoothly with a great deal of loving emotions in March; there is a surprise in May, while August and October can be challenging in certain ways. Your charm and likeability come to the fore in November along with an inner struggle which continues in December, security is assured however, you have come a long way.

Work and Daily Routine

Work and home are balanced in January, but work may have undergone changes which also affects your daily routine, and there’s more to come, however it is bringing in the money. From late January-late February your work and routine have the beneficial influence of Venus, therefore work, tasks, and duties are happily performed and help you to feel secure. From 25th March-late May you are busier than usual, you achieve a great deal in April, however with Saturn in this area from March onwards, there may be more duties, and work can seem tedious, you will just have to resign yourself to this and do what is needed; there is also an indication that you should look after your health, perhaps adopt a new health regime. From 8th May until early June work has its highs and lows, but in July there is a nice surprise; September is pleasing, however from mid June to early November you seem to be going over old ground when it comes to work and duties.