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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


There are lots of discussions with family and with your partner that require sensitivity and sympathy, something could take place that could warrant this approach. There is also a strong accent on friendships, and good times are definitely on the cards, however there is a significant chance of the unexpected, which can also apply to plans and objectives that are close to your heart, it could even be linked to shared resources in some way, whatever it is it will come suddenly out of the blue. You have fun communicating and getting out and about, holidays at a distance are a strong possibility and you learn much on your travels. There tends to be more mutual activities with your partner or a good friend, and you are a busy bee this year, however not everything is possible as circumstances are limiting and there are obstacles to overcome. Both Jupiter and Saturn in your sector of pleasure, fun and romance, can indicate a new hobby or pastime, and many enjoyable interludes, although at times Saturn can restrict the fun factor, but it works with you when you are creative helping you to bring your efforts to a satisfactory conclusion. From mid May – end July Jupiter benefits your daily routine, opportunities come in communications and any health problem improves or receives helpful treatment. There are highs and lows this year but your positive outlook is your saving grace.

Love and Romance

For those looking for love it may be found through a communication of some sort or getting out and about locally. There are highs and lows when it comes to romance but with Jupiter in this area for most of the year there could be wonderful romantic holidays and with Saturn also present a love interest can become more settled and committed, but expect the unexpected and be open to major change. You will tend to be the driving force in a relationship this year, and there are lots of good times in February as well as lots of love, March is also special for relationships especially from the 22nd – mid April, in June news is significant. Mid August – mid September you sparkle and feel the love, while in December there are some spectacular moments of celebration, but maybe some low points also.

Work and Daily Routine

These days you like to work to your own schedule, although this may not be possible, however you gain satisfaction from your daily routine. Many of you will find yourselves in charge when it comes to your career, or maybe you are working towards something special; in March your work and routine bring happiness and possibly a pay rise. From 23rd April - 11th June work can be hectic but you will cope, and from 14th May – end of July Jupiter expands your working world and communications can be fortunate, June is special in this respect. October is good financially although there may be changes at work, or changes at home that warrant a new course of action.