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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


Responsibilities and expenditure can cramp your style a bit, and at the beginning of the month you can feel the pinch, however you are determined to enjoy forthcoming celebrations and have a great time with your family. Younger family members are especially important, you want them to be happy, and for most of the month your sense of purpose and energy spurs you on to make this a great month for yourself, your partner, and your family. Conversations tend to have a sympathetic and sensitive element, but they are also constructive and helpful; earnings and your security can be a topic, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction. Emotions are strong and you are intense when talking or communicating about your work or health, shared finances also evoke powerful feelings, along with life and death issues. One of your goals is up against an obstacle, especially early in the month, it can also be a friendship that is changing or has run its course, so be philosophical. As the month progresses, your private life is highlighted, and there is a strong sense of commitment, much goes well for you and your family, there is a lot of love for you, but watch a tendency to be irritable. A new Moon on the 12th in your sign brings a new phase in your life, and a new series of events and challenges.