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Monthly Horoscope for June 2024


You and your partner or a close friend share a lot of love and good times, you are happy in each others company, and with Jupiter in this area for a year a relationship is fortunate for you in some way, (see my blog on the journey of Jupiter). This month you get on well with others, especially close friends and work associates, and along with this, mutual plans and aims are unfolding and growing closer, also changes in your life that may be linked to relatives or friends are dealt with easily, and communications are significant in some way. You feel more comfortable with any changes that are self engendered that may have taken place quite recently, which may have changed your life in some way. There is a focus on your home and family, and there is a lot of sympathy and compassion with certain members of your family, also you feel a spiritual connection that is quite poignant which brings comfort, an inner knowing guides you at this time. Your mind is on work, routine, and health, and there could be the unexpected in one of these areas, also there is a great deal of communication through work. As the month progresses, work becomes very busy, and a change or obstacle more apparent, however, early in the month you concentrate on the more pleasurable side of life, but something interferes, work or a health matter have to be considered. Late in the month you tend to be quite happy with shared finances, or the deeper and more intimate side of a relationship, talking over these matters is favoured along with the mysteries of life. A new Moon brings a new phase in close relationships, and in your dealings and interactions with others, there is much love for you as well as something that brings sadness.