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Monthly Horoscope for April 2024


Many of you are feeling concerned or sad about your circumstances or even a loss, while others should attend to a health niggle that may need treatment, you also feel compassionate with someone close, these matters can interfere with your enjoyment of life. However, there are good things to look forwards to, and with Venus in the area of recreation, fun, and romance, you plan those happy times ahead of you, and enjoy the company of your friends, occasionally you come down to earth about those matters you cannot change. Younger family members keep your spirits up, and you plan occasions that include them, they bring you much joy, it’s also a month when creative hobbies are very therapeutic and relieve some of the negativity you are prone to lately. You go through a very busy phase at this time, especially where your home or family are concerned, you could be working from home and achieving a great deal, or maybe you are beautifying your living space, whatever it is, it entails a lot of activity. A total Solar Eclipse brings a new phase for your children, and happy events in general, any creative hobby goes well, and there can be a need for romance, there is a chance of the unexpected.