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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

Your career is going well for you, but a communication could set you thinking or a relative is not happy with your decisions; however in your work you have great focus and energy, your dedication is being noticed, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction. There are conversations with friends where you discuss any problems that you or they may have, as well as each others joys, this is helpful for you both; also talking over your plans for the future with your partner is productive and can lead to a more secure life. There is a lot of love for you which you sense early in the month, and there is a focus on your close relationships, a partner can be fortunate for you; at the same time you may feel great compassion for a parent or a deep sadness. From the 11th onwards Venus inhabits your private and spiritual sector, you find great comfort in your private life and time spent alone to connect with something greater is beneficial, however around the 17th something is difficult. Later in the month you seek good times with friends and a special aim comes to fruition followed by a sense of achievement.