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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


In many ways this is a hectic month for you, there are the needs of others to be catered for, also friendships and goals occupy most of your time, especially those mutual plans with your partner or close friend, it can also be a time when there are some disagreements. At the start of the month you feel restricted or lacking in energy, so give yourself a break and attend to your own needs. Conversations are mainly with your partner and family, and tend to be about work, health, and sensitive subjects such as life and death issues. There is a focus on your financial situation and your security; work is lucrative and you are able to treat those you love, but there is a situation you are not happy with, or a change is imminent. A woman is important to your life, it may be a family member whom you get on well with, this relationship is a godsend for you, especially this month, however a silent fear haunts you at times. From the 5th onwards, your working life and daily routine bring moments of intense pleasure, and you have a great sense of commitment, it’s also a phase when any health problem improves, due to the joy you find in life. On the 12th a new Moon ushers in a new phase in a relationship, that brings events and challenges and a new goal.