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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2022

There can be something surprising in your inner and most private life, it could be an idea or psychic experience, it can also be linked to someone close, or a health matter or travel. Many of you are in a strong position at work thanks to Jupiter, and on the 11th Jupiter moves to a new sign until late October lighting up the area of friendships and goals, a friend will be beneficial to you, or you make a new influential friendship; also whatever you are aiming for is likely to be realised as long as your motives are altruistic. With Venus in this zone for most of the month, you get on well with friends as you have a great rapport with them as well as feelings of camaraderie, and any plans you have are likely to manifest, they include family as well as friends, however there may be an obstacle around the 27th.. You continue to work hard with just a touch of brilliance, but after the 24th energies are poured into aims, hopes, and friendships. Conversations at this time tend to be about important, financial, or serious matters, however at work you remain upbeat and positive, this is also true when you converse with your significant other. An Eclipse on the 16th closes a phase to do with work, routine, or a health matter.