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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

Whether it's your home, parents, or how you feel inwardly, something is causing you angst, but on the other hand there is also something making you happy which is linked to your private life or to your financial situation. It is an important month for you, there is the possibility of travel for some, or much joyfulness for you and your partner, a relationship brings much meaning to your life. Early in the month you sense a lot of love coming your way, and if you have children they bring you great joy, but deep feelings about a loss or difficult matter can make you feel a bit meloncholy at times. From the middle of the month onwards you seek fun and enjoyment, and manage to achieve quite a lot of pleasurable moments, you bring certain plans to fruition. Whether it's your work or daily life and routine, Venus is smoothing things over quite nicely, there is a great atmosphere at work, and your daily tasks bring feelings of well being, however around the 17th may be difficult in some way or surprising. For some of you an occupation could come to an end, or a health problem requires attention, but both matters have hopeful outcomes; so enjoy what the month has to offer and try to be optimistic.