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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

Many of you travel this month, or at the very least you are planning a journey and it will be for pleasure, on the other hand if you are all set to do some studying you find hidden reserves of inspiration and a determination that is second to none; the only thing that holds all of you back is your attitude to money which can be one of caution or even penny pinching. Another focus this month is on your career, work, and daily routine, it would seem that a particular goal conflicts with your working life, but talking things over with your partner or trusted friend is really helpful. Your working life becomes very busy later in the month, you are fired up emotionally and achieve a great deal, however some of you have a health issue, or have a relative who needs medical attention and this may concern you. If you are spiritually inclined you sense an unseen connection and feel that somehow you are guided. From the 11th onwards Venus is harmonising your friendships including any groups you belong to, it is a time when you can realise a dream or an aim; friends are supportive when it comes to your plans, however around the 17th there could be a setback or an issue.