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Monthly Horoscope for June 2024


Your routine and your working life are going quite smoothly, you are enjoying the atmosphere at work or at home, and with Jupiter now in this area for a year, working at home is an option, and expansion in some way is possible. If you have any kind of health problem an insightful doctor will be helpful to you, (see my blog on the journey of Jupiter). For some of you, responsibilities have to be taken into consideration, therefore , work wise you could feel torn and may need to consider all options. You feel very sensitive and sympathetic when it comes to relatives or messages you receive from others, or you can be very involved in musical projects or spiritual interests, a connection to something greater is very comforting for you. You spend on pleasures this month, or treating close family, and you roll with any changes in your life, inwardly you know you will be able to manifest those special goals that you have set your heart on. Later in the month Venus is helpful for close relationships and in your interactions with others, but there is the odd troubling moment, however there is much caring in evidence. Early in the month you are busy within the home, and it could have something to do with groups, friendships, or a particular aim, and in the middle of the month Mars moves on therefore there can be an obstacle to something that you would enjoy, it may be linked to finances or whatever makes you feel secure, however you are determined to do the things you love, you are a restless soul and need the good things in life to help you psychologically and to relax. A full Moon in your sign closes a chapter in your life.