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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


Your private life and all that is involved behind the scenes is a strong theme, whatever is going on in your living space takes all the effort you can muster, but at the start of the month something holds you back, energy can be lacking or circumstances cramp your style. As the month unfolds, challenges present themselves, but you have a sense of purpose and your energy returns. Conversations revolve around private matters and have a sensitive or sympathetic content; time spent alone to contemplate or connect with something greater will be beneficial and will guide you forwards, also musical or artistic endeavours may also be of importance. A close relationship or friendship is highlighted, and although they oppose you on some matter, the outlook is pleasing, and plans for celebrations interest you both, also, anything linked to relatives has a positive vibe. Your career or public life could be up against an obstacle or changes which affect you early in the month, but group matters or friendships, along with your aims give you a sense of commitment, you are on a roll. A new Moon heralds a new phase in your private life, which is busy and can bring, the unexpected.