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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


In the months up to June you are afforded protection, especially in your private life, including your health or any work you do alone, also your partner or close friend is fortunate for you in the ways that matter. Conversations tend to be about deep and important matters, such as work, health, and the things you want to do and achieve, your mental faculties are spot on this year, and a link to someone special at work is a gift. There is a focus on your home and family, with a situation of home versus work, therefore you need to prioritise, some of you are in a caring role which fills your days. Your partner or close friend could have problems, this can also apply to an objective, there is a need to be aware of self delusion in this matter, and with others be sympathetic if necessary. Jupiter moves on from your private sector in June, and begins its year long journey in your sign, hooray, therefore you benefit through your partner or others, and people or resources can enter your life bringing positive experiences and expansion. Emotionally you will be at peace in certain ways, but sometimes a little uneasy, yin yang in the concept, but it keeps you on your toes. There can be surprises in your private life this year, the main one is likely to be in April, and because of the journey of Pluto, travel can be affected and beliefs may change, for some of you a Scorpio type of person becomes your meaning in life, or it may be that you want to study something profound.

Love and Romance

This year you find happiness and pleasure in tandem with your partner or close friend, you rely on them in emotional and financial ways just now, however something related to your career or money, goes against the grain where you or they are concerned. Singles have an excellent chance of finding romance, but there are difficulties to take into consideration. Your private life and financial situation are significant this year with a sense of protection, especially in the early months. February is a tricky month for love because of circumstances, but there are deep emotions, April shows a loss or obstacles, in June there is a lot of love, and you pursue your goals in August. September can be blissful, and whether single or attached, you have a lot of fun. From 18th October - 11th November you feel upbeat in a partnership, but there are some low spots, December is all about your significant other, and how they affect your mood, there are highs and lows.

Work and Daily Routine

There may be some opposition in your working life, or a need to move on, Neptune and Saturn in your zone of career assist with changes that are beyond your control. Saturn especially encourages you to re structure your working life in order to blend it with your life as a whole; it can seem hard going, but you have self discipline and determination, there is plenty of support in your private life. February is constructive and productive, March is very significant career wise with much working in your favour, late March to the end of April is very busy. June has its challenges, and from 23rd September until mid October, you achieve a lot in your work and daily life; November is a special month, things are working out to your satisfaction.