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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


This year communications of all kinds are extremely important, there will be the unexpected or surprising in messages, something you can hardly believe and it could take a period of adjustment. Relatives may be involved, in fact the news could be about someone close, this doesn't mean that it's going to be a very challenging year as there is also much to look forward to, there are exciting holidays or courses to learn about something that interests you, students almost take flight in anticipation of their journey, but with Saturn in the mix hard work is the order of the day with no short cuts. When it comes to journeys and learning there is the possibility of surprises especially in your private life, and when you travel make sure you have insurance, take no chances. You are very busy this year with your plans and aims, and you are the driving force, this also applies to your friendships, but at times you feel limited and weary so just rest and take stock in this phase, you know it won't last. Deep issues are discussed at work in a sensitive and understanding way, your feelings can be intense about certain matters, so the rapport you have with work mates is helpful. Your interactions with others at this time are positive and enjoyable, giving much to be thankful for so count your blessings.

Love and Romance

This year love is extra special, if you are attached you tend to have the same dreams and are in unison over plans, however it is best not to take your partner for granted, singles could meet 'the one' or simply daydream of a new love, and all of you face the unexpected. March is good for fun and breaks away and from 16th August - 10th September there are some happy and romantic interludes, you experience a sense of commitment. From 15th September – end of October you seek good times and romance, but early in September there is a problem or a challenge; from early October to early November partnerships can be blissful, at least most of the time, while December delivers happiness and lots of activities after the 13th, however there may be significant changes to normal celebrations.

Work and Daily Routine

You tend to be very passionate when it comes to your working life and everyday routine, but you may have had to change jobs which is a continuing theme, some of you however have the ideal career and want it to continue. From 26th February - 21st March your work is a pleasure, Venus in this area brings a peaceful ambience; April could bring a positive change in your routine and there is sympathy at work. May until late July there is the likelihood of promotion or work opportunities, and mid September - 6th October work and your daily routine are enjoyable, you long for excitement. Your work and routine are extra busy in November - 12th December and at times you are low or don't feel as capable as usual, but at the end of December Jupiter moves forward bringing work opportunities in the year ahead.