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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


There is an emphasis this year on all the things and people you care about deeply, this can centre around your financial situation, intimacy, and transformations that affect your personal life, the things you receive through others gain importance. Conversations revolve around the above matters and often take place in the working environment, for some talking to a health professional may be appropriate, and all discussions are approached sensitively. Something could end this year or come to a natural conclusion, it can change your life in some way. This will be an active and busy year for you especially in the areas of plans and objectives, friends may come into the equation; you are filled with ‘get up and go’ and have the determination and energy to be a driving force, not only in your life but in the lives of those close to you. Jupiter is beneficial for friendships and goals until the 16th May, the rest of the year it acts as a protective force in your private life, there is quite a focus on this area so travel or study are likely to benefit you; also if you need medical treatment it will be helpful. Any difficulties where travel or study are concerned tend to end by 8th March when Saturn moves to your sector of career and status, it can indicate a need to just keep your head down at work and get on with it, at least you will be focused and have the ability to come out on top, so don’t be discouraged. There is an element of the unexpected in your private life, it may even be a psychic experience or epiphany; the year certainly has surprises as well as much to offer that goes in your favour.

Love and Romance

Love and intimacy can be quite intense this year, you share dreams and goals, and there is a lot of love for you, however for some of you love comes from others, as your partner and yourself have reached an impasse; if you are looking for love you seek a deep intense union. Your needs are strong this year, emotionally and financially, your partner may be a good provider. Love is all around in March, but there are challenges in July, from the 28th August - 11th October you seek pleasure and romance. November is quite a special month, there is much enjoyment, and all the romance you can handle; from the 24th November until early January 2024 there is an upswing in activities and a certain amount of friction in a close relationship, you can feel depleted in December, but it wont be long until you feel your usual self.

Work and Daily Routine

You have to be emotionally involved in your work and routine, and this year is not exception, however at times you feel adrift, and may daydream about the perfect occupation. You have to multi task this year and you have intense feelings about your work and duties. From 27th January-20th February work is a pleasure, March is significant for your career, and in June there are challenges work and routine wise. In September work can seem hard going, it may be a case of home versus work, however you are in a powerful position. From 12th October until late November you have deadlines to meet and manage to achieve a great deal, from the 5th until 30th December work and your daily routine run smoothly, you feel committed.