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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


There is a strong emphasis on your career and your status, and sands may be shifting. There are important changes centred on your occupation or public life, which can involve your partner or a health issue, some of you meet a future partner in the work place. It is certainly a year when big changes are possible, forcing you to adapt, which you manage to do with your special organising abilities and good grace. Conversations revolve around your work, daily routine, and for some, your health, through loving words you experience a lot of love coming your way, there is sensitivity and understanding; also, discussions can result in some brilliant ideas. You lead the way in friendships and objectives this year, they bring meaning to your life, and you are supported if you go through a rough patch. In the weeks up to May 17th Jupiter indicates the possibility of exciting travel, or successful study, while spiritually you soar above the mundane; also someone special lights up your life, the rest of the year Jupiter raises your status and is beneficial for your career (see section on work), as well as this, your public life, and your relationship with authority figures is beneficial to you. The journey of Neptune may indicate a time when there can be sadnesses or a change in your financial situation, beware of borrowing or lending and don’t take financial risks. From the 8th March onwards Saturn travels through your zone of finances and deep emotions, shared resources may alter because of circumstances, and deep feeling surrounding work and your daily routine are likely, whatever takes place this year, your innate ability to come up smiling, and to come out on top sees you through any difficulties, let your light shine.

Love and Romance

For those of you looking for love, this continues to be a phase when there is a need to concentrate on other areas of your life, it can be a dry time romantically, however if you do meet someone they will have Aquarian characteristics, or there could be an age gap. There is a dutiful feel about relationships, and a lot of love surrounding you, a big change is possible. January is a good month for love, you appreciate your partner and have shared goals to realise, February can surprise, or you may be at loggerheads with someone close, March is good for travel and love, and so is April. July has much to offer, you are inspired, however August needs care and sensitivity; from the 6th June-8th October, Venus is in your sign magnifying your regal persona and warmth, and from 24th November until early January, you seek pleasure, romance, and fun, but something dampens your spirits a little, however the end of this phase is more optimistic and pleasing.

Work and Daily Routine

Your work and daily routine are highlighted this year, and conversations revolve around these matters, for some a health problem requires frank discussion. Many of you are in a strong position at work, you deal with the unexpected and changes quite effectively, also there is a lot of support for you in all that you do, you may have your irons in more than one fire. January is very important for work and your life path, this continues in February, and from the 17th March until mid April work has the feel good factor and the odd glitch. Mid May onwards there are promotions and work opportunities, for some there is a major life change courtesy of Jupiter. You have a sense of commitment in October, and from September onwards there is a feeling of retracing your steps and going over old ground.