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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


When it comes to your earnings and sense of self worth, you are flying this year, there may even be windfalls, but most likely, it is your career that is lucrative. At times however you are anxious about your financial position in the future, or you worry about the people who help you to feel secure, it could even be about your health, so just take a step back and concentrate on the present, the future may be a lot better than you expect. There is a lot to talk over with friends concerning plans and social occasions, you aim to derive as much pleasure from life as you can, however money spent on fun can be depleting your resources so keep an eye on your outgoings; you may also hear of some kind of loss this year. Jupiter is in your career and public life zone until late May (see section on work), therefore you are assured of your status, and your joyfulness and your home are a testament to this. From late May for a year, you could make a new and influential friend, or a friend of long standing may be fortunate for you in some way, along with this, special plans and aims go particularly well, shared enjoyment is par for the course. With the journey of Saturn there could be the odd sadness, or a need to be cautious with finances, and it’s ultra important to look after your health. Pluto changes sign in late January until September, and returns in late November for a long stay, therefore transformations in the area of close relationships are likely, and your interactions with others tend to be intense and meaningful, for further explanation see my section on (love).

Love and Romance

The romance and happiness you experience is because real love lasts forever, but a sadness, an ailment, or your financial situation could interfere with your spirits and your pleasures. The same applies to those seeking love, it is a year for romance, but events or circumstances limit the joy that is your birthright. With Pluto moving on until September and from late November for many years, you could experience power struggles in a relationship, singles will be attracted to intense, dominant, and passionate types, but beginnings and endings are possible, there can also be changes in the home or in the close family sphere. From 17th February-11th March, you and your partner are on the same page, but from mid February until late March, Mars is also in this area which adds a bit of edge, however you achieve a lot together, singles enjoy the company of others. May is significant for a relationship, and from 18th October-mid November is a time for pleasurable pursuits and romance, but something can mar the joy, the same applies to December.

Work and Daily Routine

Your career brings you kudos this year, there can be promotions or job opportunities, especially from January to June. Your work and daily life are hectic from early January to mid February, however Venus enhances work with a great ambience, you are well liked and well loved. There is something unexpected in April, and in May a career change or surprise is possible, there is a good atmosphere at work and in your public life, you are looked up to with admiration. A communication in June can astound you, and another busy phase ensues from 10th June-20th July, from the 12th November your work and daily tasks have the benign influence of Venus, this lasts into December, so enjoy your daily round.