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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


In some ways this is a very important year for you with the unexpected that could change your life; you could rebel against the status quo, or decide that you need to change something radically, it could be that your creativity puts you on a different path; watch your health at this time as stress could cause problems. Friends rally round if they are needed and there is a lot of mutual sympathy, also discussions revolve around implementing changes that would improve your life. You are filled with thoughts of good times, distant shores, and your hobbies, but you also like to ponder on those people who have left your life; however when it comes to long distances there may be circumstances that prevent a lot of foreign travel, also there could be a change within the family. There is likely to be the unexpected this year, probably quite a big surprise and it is either linked to your partner or your work and daily routine, your public life can certainly be prone to the unusual and unexpected. It is advisable that you are down to earth when it comes to your financial situation, too many pleasures can leave you out of pocket so there is a need to be realistic and watch your spending habits, don't allow gullibility to creep in. From mid May until the end of July it's possible that money could come your way as well as some sort of life event, especially in June.

Love and Romance

If you are looking for love it may be found at a distance, or when getting out and about to enjoy yourself, it may also be found through a communication; if you are happily attached loving words and romance are the name of the game. Jupiter and Saturn now in your relationship sector can indicate good times with your partner but it is also a learning curve in a relationship, some of you feel a need to be free and easy and seek time alone to contemplate the past and the future, there is also the unexpected. February is important for partnerships, there is much love for you and possible changes, communications are relevant in March. You have charm and decisiveness in July, and October is full of fun and romance; from 13th December - 24th January 2022 you seek pleasure which may include travel, wining and dining, your hobbies and of course romance.

Work and Daily Routine

Some of you will be working a distance away from your home, or your work is linked to distances somehow. Work may be unusual or heavily relying on Technology but there is a sense of discontent, relationships may be the root cause. Friends at work have sympathy for you and your goals in life could be changing either because of circumstances or inner needs. January is important for your work and daily routine with a sense of satisfaction, you will be working hard and will be busy until March. From mid April – early May you are happy with your career and path in life; however there are challenges in July and August that leave you depleted, but from early November to early March 2022 there is much to please you about your work and everyday routine.