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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


The ways in which you feel secure, and your financial situation are looking very positive, there may be a raise in salary or helpful advice and communications about money, also a parent could be instrumental in some way. For some of you there is a big change in the offing, it could be financial or emotional, while some of you receive news that will astound. From mid May until the end of July is a helpful time if you are looking for a new home or if you want to improve your present home. There is also a focus on abroad and travel, but work can make it difficult sometimes; however those important people in your life need you whether at home or abroad; also your spiritual life is significant just now and will help you through any difficulties, as will an optimistic and realistic view of life. Jupiter your ruling Planet is beneficial in the area of communications, a message could be fortunate or a relative may be helpful and benefit you in some way, however Saturn is also moving through this sector therefore there are likely to be more responsibilities where relatives are concerned, and the area of earnings and security could be affected, you may be torn between one option and another, and there is the possibility of the unexpected. Another aspect of Saturn in this zone helps you to refine the way in which you communicate with others, it also helps the mind to process information, making it easier to learn new skills and expands knowledge.

Love and Romance

For those seeking love, you are quite driven when it comes to romance, however there may be obstacles because of circumstances as well as other priorities. Those happily attached enjoy the pleasures of life but are sometimes at loggerheads, but mostly there are some happy times for you both, there is a sensitivity between you and your partner as well as a mutual sympathy. In March and April there are an upsurge of activities and fun for couples, this is especially applicable from the 22nd March - 14th April when plans work out well and a sense of commitment brings feelings of security. From 9th May – early June is conducive for relationships, with great times in July; aims are important in October with much achieved and in November and December there is love and good times along with surprises

Work and Daily Routine

With Uranus in your sector of work and daily routine, technology plays a big part in your life, also you seek change if your work does not satisfy you, your everyday routine is filled with communications and discussions. Some of you see the beginning of a new career with a substantial rise in your earnings, you like to feel secure. February is a significant and pleasing month, and in January and February work and routine are hectic but you feel empowered; mid April - 8th May you feel satisfied in all you do, and 22nd July - 15th August is special in many ways but especially when it comes to your career and public life. August to mid September is a busy time and you have power at your fingertips, you achieve much. November you are soaring and leaving self doubt behind.