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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


Your financial situation is more or less to your satisfaction, enabling you to follow your dreams. There is an emphasis on your career, your status, or a parent, (see my section on work); if a parent is your concern it is because they have their worries or troubles that they need to share with you, they help you feel secure and you feel for them. Communication and conversations with relatives are filled with sympathy and sensitivity, for some of you it is your partner or close friend that is your listening ear when you discuss your concerns. Work and your sense of duty towards your home, family and parents can conflict with each other, also a special aim or friendship can meet with obstacles because of circumstances, a friend could have their troubles. You seek the pleasures of life and to be with close family, but sands are shifting as Pluto links with Jupiter bringing changes which you experience in the first two months of the year, they could affect your daily life and income, hopefully in a beneficial way, if you have a health problem you receive good treatment. From late May for a year Jupiter is in your relationship zone, therefore your partner could be fortunate for you in some way, (see my section on love). You may feel the loss of something or someone quite acutely, but you are a mutable sign, therefore you adapt well to any changes, and your eternal optimism helps you to sail through any difficulties. It is an eventful year, a mix of the positive and challenging, and if your arrow misses its mark, another arrow hits the bullseye.

Love and Romance

It can be a case of love and romance versus responsibilities to home and family. Singles can be torn between loyalties, however you are in fine form with your upbeat personality making you great company, you attract others with ease. Your partner is on the same page as you where holidays are concerned, but there can be disagreements on other issues, however you have a lot of mutual sympathy for each other. There can be dissension in February, in April there is much to enjoy and there is harmony in friendships, romance is likely. From the start of May until early June you are in the mood for the good things in life, and from June for a year your partner is fortunate for you, if you are single you could meet someone who will be special in your life, however some of you simply seek freedom. Late October – mid November you are in fine form, but you have worries, December is challenging, but you may travel for pleasure and duties.

Work and Daily Routine

It is an important year for your career, and with Jupiter in your zone of work and daily life until late May, you should be reaping the benefits, however your private life can conflict with your occupation. A communication in March surprises you, and although work is pleasing in May, something stands in your way. From the 9th June until late July work is hectic, but you achieve a great deal especially in July. In August harmony descends on your working life, and apart from certain changes, your career is going well. October is significant for work with a feeling of satisfaction, powerful emotions are likely and you reap the rewards in December.