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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


There is a strong emphasis on your working life, (see my section on work and daily routine) and your daily round or duties; your health may be also involved, but where these matters are concerned there are a lot of discussions and communications, there can also be the unexpected. There is a focus on your earnings and the things you love to do, as well as the folk who are dear to your heart, the ones who make you feel secure; you have certain aims in life which involve financial outlay, and how you feel about yourself-are you worthy or not? Look for the diamond within. This year there could be an obstacle to overcome, but you could feel in a powerful position financially, however there may be some kind of loss to deal with. There are a lot of mutual activities at this time and there is a lot of love for you; with Jupiter in your zone of pleasures until mid May, your mind is centred on having fun, and doing the things you love, if you have children you will be very proud of them. The rest of the year Jupiter is in your area of work and duties (see my section on work and daily routine), it is also helpful if you have a health condition, there is likely to be a wise and knowledgable health professional who is beneficial to you. From early March onwards, Saturn can bring more responsibilities for family, or your home may need attention and some financial outlay, inwardly you have a struggle, however there is plenty to be joyful about, it’s ‘swings and roundabouts this year’.

Love and Romance

There are important happenings in the areas of love or money, singles could meet and intense, passionate person, or an affair could reach a turning point. Those happily attached can either feel very secure in their private life, or feel that they have reached the end of the road. There is a lot going on in partnerships sometimes in negative, but also positive ways, February is notable for happy times together, with a sense of commitment from late February to mid March, March is filled with love and a possible journey, also in the weeks up to mid May you concentrate on romance. From the 11th April-7th May relationships bloom like a flower, and October has its magic moments; there may be challenges in November and December, but also feelings of hope, you are determined to have a good time.

Work and Daily Routine

Work means a lot to you, and especially this year as you want to remain secure and keep earnings coming in, however there may be surprises or changes to adapt to, but you’re skilled at being flexible. January is noteworthy and talks go well in February; March 17th-10th April you are happy in your working environment, and your career goes well in May. From the 17th May for a year, Jupiter occupies your zone of work and routine, therefore you are optimistic when it comes to work opportunities, and your routine brings satisfaction. A busy phase ensues from 10th July-the end of August, and from 9th October-7th November there is a happy working atmosphere; in December you feel good about certain areas of your life, but there are also challenges to deal with.