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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


Deep and important matters pervade your private life, and revolve around either, solitary work, health, or subconscious matters which need to be brought to the surface and then relegated to the past. Conversations tend to be about the above, and a good friend or someone close is a good listening ear, which is helpful in the ways you need most. There is quite an emphasis on communications of all kinds, and any help or treatment you need is out there, so think positively and laugh, it is a great and therapeutic medicine for any troubles, relatives are in the mix. Powerful emotions are likely at times, and you have some bright ideas, there is a lot to be thankful for at this time of the year, and nice surprises abound. Something saps your strength at the beginning of the month, or you feel that something is lacking, but as the days move on, you gain momentum, also, your daily routine or work is subject to changes because of personal reasons. There is a lot of love for you, especially from your partner, and those in your everyday life, together you experience a sense of commitment, to make this month as special as you can. On the 12th a new Moon initiates a new phase of events, of financial matters, and strong emotions, a close relationship is a focus.