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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2022

This is a significant month for you, you will be one year older and filled with enthusiasm for all the things you long to do, and those you care about are on your side, you work in tandem to realise your dreams, and there is a lot of love for you in relationships and friendships. Much energy and thought goes into your hopes and aims, and your friendships are important to you, you are leading the way when it comes to activities especially those in your private life, there is sympathy and empathy in friendships. Jupiter enters your hidden or spirit sector on the 11th until late October, therefore you are silently protected, and if you have a health issue you will receive helpful treatment, you are being looked after, and with Venus in this area for most of the month selfless service has its rewards, however a few of you hide a secret infatuation. Mars also enters this zone on the 25th until early July, therefore you are extra busy in your private life. Conversations this month tend to be about your security and changes in the financial situation, along with upbeat discussions about plans and goals. An Eclipse in your relationship sector on the 16th closes a phase in close relationships.