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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


There is a lot of mutual sympathy in your friendships, and this year sees the end of a project, or the end of certain goals and hopes, but it also indicates a new start, and the likelihood of a fresh approach to objectives. There is a focus on your work, daily routine, and health, and linked to one of these areas there is surprising news, something unexpected could take you by surprise, it may be connected to a relative and will affect your private life, certainly a piece of news evokes deep feelings and is connected to your family or home life. This year certainly has its challenges but there is also plenty to look forward to as long as you go with the flow and don't dig your heels in. Emotions run high when it comes to your financial situation, your spending, and all those things and people that make you feel secure; you can feel restricted in various ways, so there needs to be some adjustment to circumstances. Jupiter in your private sector offers you silent protection for most of the year, and from mid May – August it is in your sign bringing benefits, you will feel lighter and know that life is worth living, also Saturn pairs up with Jupiter and a wish could be realised, however think carefully before you make any radical moves; if you have any health problems this year you will receive helpful treatment, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Art, music, fantasy and compassion continue to fill your life, but beware of delusion and illusion, keep everything above board and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Love and Romance

Your partner could be your best friend, and this year there is a lot of mutual sympathy and compassion. Singles may meet someone at work or in their daily round, even through a surprise communication, you can have powerful emotions about someone, but with the influence of Neptune a new relationship might not be what it seems so take care; those happily attached find new depths to their love but it's important not to make a partner jealous. There are happy times in February, and from the 23rd April - 11th June you seek fun, outings, and romantic interludes, in June this is especially true, while singles could be lucky; there is a lot of love for you which makes you happy. In August close relationships are harmonious with lots of activities; October there is fun and plenty of happy times, while November can bring changes and a focus on relationships. In December you could travel or see the end of a friendship or an objective.

Work and Daily Routine

There can be surprises where work is concerned and there are challenges to deal with as well as the unexpected in your daily life. Many of you will do solitary work or work in health care and a feeling of protection is not imagined, however it is not an easy ride. January is significant, and mid June – August work and your daily tasks are in overdrive, in July there is a sense of satisfaction with surprise news in August. October – early November you have strong feelings about your career and place in the world, and from the 13th December - 24th January 2022 hard work brings security and self worth.