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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


There is a focus on close relationships (see section on love), and any dealings you have with professionals and others in general. Because Jupiter is journeying through your zone of communication and relatives, you could hear something to your advantage, especially in the months up to late May; local travel is favoured and you mind is sharp, it’s also a good phase for your status. From late May for a year Jupiter moves through your sector of home, family and domestic life, in this phase your could be fortunate if you are seeking a new home or updating your present house, inwardly you are more positive and optimistic, also family connections are prominent and your career more emotionally fulfilling. In your public life and work there is much to discuss and communicate, talk can revolve around sensitive issues that evoke sympathy, artistic and musical interests, or health matters for yourself or someone close which require professional care. The journey of Saturn in your sign can indicate a need for implementing new structures in your life, as well as new goals, you can feel a bit low at times, but Saturn encourages you to deal with difficulties, therefore you grow as a person and gain wisdom, it can be a time great achievement. Pluto changes sign in late January until September, and then from late November onwards for a long stay, therefore it is a subconscious purging time, you will find it impossible to hide from your past, and previous mistakes and failings come back to haunt you, they require facing squarely and self forgiveness, any bitterness you hold towards others also requires that you should surround them with forgiveness and love.

Love and Romance

Love tends to have a very spiritual quality this year, and for those looking for love this also applies. Singles could meet someone at work or in their public life, but there’s a catch or a problem, so make sure your know what you are getting into, it may not be the best year for love; those happily attached stay that way through thick and thin. Close relationships are highlighted but there are difficulties to overcome together, however there are some good times and fortunate matters to enjoy. From mid June until mid July is a happy time for romance and pleasure, in August you feel much love for your partner. From early September until early November you seek pleasure and romance, October is significant for close relationships, you are closer than ever.

Work and Daily Routine

Your career is extra busy this year, and involves fortunate communication or travel, it certainly brings in the rewards, while those in a caring role have a hectic public life. Many of you are drawn to nursing and caring for others, along with music and acting, whatever you pursue will bring the security your crave. A problem could interfere with your work in January but there is a harmonious atmosphere in your working life. Your daily routine and work are satisfying in July, and there is the unexpected in early August, this theme continues in September, perhaps you are restless, or a condition is causing a problem. Late in October until mid November your career and public life bring mixed emotions, and there are changes to deal with, the same applies in December, you have a very busy schedule in November and December.