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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


It’s a year of surprises, especially in the area of relatives, communications, and your private life; goals that are close to your heart are likely to be realised, and you have the support of someone you love. Some of you hear from a long lost friend, but one aim or one friendship comes to an end or meets an obstacle. Getting out and about is favoured along with stimulating your mind, so find a mental challenge, and enjoy your excursions; for those of you who may have a health issue, there is plenty of help and good treatments. You tend to want to rule the roost this year, which may not be appreciated, so be careful or there will be altercations, also your home is under the spotlight with much activity indoors, your security is essential to you, for some an inherited condition can impact your life, this phase lasts until late March. In the weeks up to mid May Jupiter is enhancing earnings and building up your bank balance, also your sense of self worth is on the rise, the rest of the year can be fortunate for relatives, communications, or local travel, the written word can be special in this phase, even earning you money; there is also some kind of expansion of the mind, so learn something new, or develop your spiritual awareness. Saturn enters your sign on the 8th March for over two years, therefore responsibilities can increase, and you will have to implement new structures into your life, you will feel downhearted at times, but with strength and discipline you make needed changes as you have gained wisdom, there are lessons to learn.

Love and Romance

For those looking for love it may be found within a friendship; there are transformations in your love life, with intense feelings for your partner, but there can also be a loss or an obstacle. Messages and local travel figure strongly with a few surprises on the way, so never give up on the hope of finding love. In March you experience a lot of mutual love, and money matters are pleasing, from the 25th March until the 20th May, you seek pleasures including romance, in May your partner is a priority, some of you meet a future partner. July is hopeful, and in August you need sensitivity; September is extra special and filled with optimism, and in October deep emotions are felt when it comes to close relationships, there is a lot of love and commitment. Loving words are spoken in November, and December is about pleasure and compassion.

Work and Daily Routine

Earnings enable you to do a lot this year, Jupiter in this area until 16th May is optimistic and your money situation looks more positive and you feel more secure. Your work and routine are beneficial in your private life, messages and relatives are instrumental when it comes to the above matters. April is great for self worth and earnings, along with a surprise, and from 21st May-9th July your work and routine are quite hectic, but from the 6th June-8th October Venus occupies this area, therefore the things you feel passionate about are in your thoughts, and there are surprises in the pipeline. From 24th November until the end of the year your career and public life are busy, but you may feel unable to do as much as you would like, so go with the flow.