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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


Communications of all kinds along with much involvement with relatives, are a strong theme this year, words that flow between you all are doubly supportive and filled with love, also your work and daily routine keep you feeling secure. Talking to your partner in a fair but emotional way, sorts out a lot between you both, there may be important matters to discuss, and talking to others tends to include deep or serious issues. There can be a certain amount of disagreements over shared resources, or you may be preoccupied with the deeper meaning of life including the metaphysical area, Scorpio people love mysteries and intrigue and there is a need to penetrate past the surface of everyday life. The first part of the year up to mid May Jupiter influences your daily routine and health in a beneficial way, you can feel very secure doing your daily tasks, they give you a sense of satisfaction, and where your health is concerned, a new or wise health professional is helpful to you, from mid May onwards Jupiter is in your house of relationships (see my section on love). Life can change in early March when Saturn moves on, a load can lighten, but over the next two years Saturn can put a damper on your ability to feel enjoyment, you will still have pleasurable times, but something will be missing, it could be someone you had a great rapport with, or it may be something you used to enjoy which is not possible now, however creatively you will shine, and those inclined could produce a great piece of literature, artwork, music, or choreography, they are all a great antidote for troubles.

Love and Romance

This year the are big happenings in the relationship area, you could meet the love of your life, or realise you can no longer go on in a partnership; those looking for love have the best chance from mid May onwards, but there can be difficulties for those attached, a parent may be opposed to the relationship. Another Scorpio can appeal emotionally, or someone who will make you laugh, and a good rapport is a must. Those happily attached enjoy the benefits of your relationship, your security is paramount. January is special, in February there is fun and romance, mid March to mid April you feel committed and happy, for some there is a lovely surprise. In the first three months of the year your drives are strong, you seek closeness, June is challenging, in August an aim is realised. September can be romantic and pleasurable but something troubles you, the end of the year is about the people who give your life meaning.

Work and Daily Routine

With Jupiter in this particular zone until mid May, you feel you are in a secure position, and you feel good about yourself, it’s the same for those in a caring role, Jupiter brings expansion and opportunities, so make the most of this phase. From the 20th February until mid March, your daily round is filled with love and admiration, especially in March; surprises and career opportunities are likely in April, it’s an interesting month. From the 21st May-10th July you enter a very busy phase, and from the 6th June-8th October Venus is in the area of work and your public life, it has a harmonising influence, also a lot takes place in your private life, there are endings and beginnings. This is an important year for your life path, and you don’t mind a challenge, so make the most of it.