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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


This is an auspicious year for many Scorpio’s, it is a year of wonderful moments and happenings, but there can also be a profound sadness. Your ruling Planet Pluto moves to a new sign until September, and then from late November onwards, this shows an inner turbulence, emotions are hidden but powerful. Pluto will affect your home base, your domestic life, or your parents, these matters will be of supreme importance to you. Inwardly you have to transform in some way, in order to go forward in life, you will have to leave certain things behind and find a new path. There is a focus on friendships and plans, friends are a godsend and supportive, while your goals and hopes have every chance of being fulfilled, you are on a roll, however, something you have wished for has not materialised and that causes sadness. Your emotional and financial security are paramount, and conversations are mainly about these matters, you feel a need to be cautious with money, but manage to spend quite a bit on close family and pleasures, however there is a need to take care of your health. You are in a good position to re structure your life, fortunate occurrences and a positive link with relatives all help to maintain an optimistic outlook, and you can move towards the future knowing that you have done your best. From late May onwards for a year Jupiter can engender strong emotions, there may be windfalls or helpful circumstances when it comes to shared resources, also, exploring the metaphysical world is rewarding for some of you.

Love and Romance

Conversations can lead to wonderful things and with Jupiter in your zone of close relationships until late May, those seeking love and security could well find it. If you’re happily attached your feel more emotionally and financially secure because of your relationship, however a difficult aspect between Venus and Saturn indicates a downside or a limiting factor, (see my blog on the journey of Uranus). From mid March – early April you are in the mood for romance, but with Saturn in this area there may be other priorities, and from late March until the end of April your seek love and pleasure in your everyday life. In May a complicated relationship shows signs of deep change, while June is an uplifting month, although at times partnerships can have a bit of an edge, this is the scene until late July. A drive for intimacy is strong in August, and towards the end of the year your security is paramount.

Work and Daily Routine

Your working life could be set to change this year, in a good way for many of you. Working brings rewards and helps you to feel secure, while those in a caring role also reap the benefits. Your work and routine bring happiness in April, and from May until early June you enter a very busy phase, in which you could do with a bit of TLC. You have deep feelings about your career and public life in late July and August, and from mid July until early August a great atmosphere descends in the work place. A surprise is likely in September and November, in December, work, caring, and your public life are extremely busy, from December 6th onwards, you are going over old ground.