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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


You have powerful emotions when talking and communicating with a loved one, there is a natural empathy with those you love and they rely on your strength, however a relative undergoes changes and there can be obstacles to your freedom. There is a focus on your career and public life, or a family member is a priority, and there can be the unexpected in the area of relationships, there are two opposing factions and a long standing situation may come to an end. Whether it is emotional or financial your security is assured, but beware of losses through misplaced affections or too much good living, your waistline could also suffer. Your daily routine is extremely busy this year, but at times you are limited in your efforts due to circumstances, or have challenges to overcome, a health issue may be to blame. Because of the position of Jupiter this is a good year for moving home or updating your present abode, while from mid May – end of July travel is beneficial and there are lots of good times; Saturn also in the area of home and family can make you feel that your home is a burden in some way, there is a push-pull element or a need to downsize. With Pluto still in your sector of communications expect news from relatives or more involvement with them; there can be an important life event for someone and messages bring powerful feelings to the surface. It is an emotive year but you cope as always and enjoy the happy times.

Love and Romance

For those of you looking for love it may be found abroad or on a long journey, and you have a strong need for emotional and financial security, but with Uranus moving slowly through your relationship sector freedom could be preferable or you may meet a special Aquarian. Communications with a romantic interest are a priority, while those who are happily attached create a deeper bond. January and February are notable for close relationships but there are altercations and it is a busy time; March is romantic with possible encounters for singles; mid April until the 8th of May is a happy time for partnerships, and mid May – end of July could be auspicious for pleasure and romance. August is significant for relationships, maybe even surprising, while November is good for plans and friendships; late December Jupiter brings the good stuff for a whole year.

Work and Daily Routine

For many of you this is an important year career wise, with surprises that may be financial, and you might have to juggle home and work, for others your public life or a parent could be significant in some way. It is a very busy year for you with possible changes or obstacles to deal with, but communications are your saviour and relative could be fortunate for you. January is work versus home, and from 22nd March – mid April your daily routine and work help you to feel good about life; from mid June – end of July work and routine are busy but pleasurable, however July, August, and October there are challenges, and you may have to think deeply, but good times are coming at the end of December.