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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


This year highlights your sense of security, whether financial or emotional, it is also about your self worth, how do you rate yourself these days? In one of these areas you are in for a big surprise which could centre around a friendship, wish or goal. There is the likelihood of a windfall or money accrued from work projects, and from May until the end of July a new learning experience or much desired travel is possible, it is also a time when spirituality soars and much falls into place in your higher mind. Your everyday life is full of care and compassion and you dream of living in another country or in a different area, it may be a daydream but some of you have made the move. Most conversations this year are centred around your partner and professionals of some sort, if you deal with other people in your line of work your intuition is spot on and gut feelings should not be ignored. Dealing with authority figures and a busy public life are also part of the scene, and with Saturn pairing up with Jupiter you find something is missing from your life, or there is the odd funeral to attend. With Uranus still in your 11th house your have telepathy with your friends and deep feelings where they are concerned, this also applies to those dreams and aims that occupy your thoughts.

Love and Romance

If you are attached, projects and goals are tackled together, there is a true camaraderie, however finances have to be scrutinised, and intimacy may be lacking or unable to be expressed as much as you would like. For others, walking a solitary path for a while is necessary, pleasure and romance could be limited while you concentrate on other areas. Some of you find love, or universal love at work and in your daily round, in many ways you are content. There is harmony in January and joy in April, you realise a mutual goal in May, and September is about having fun and romance but also the odd challenge or low point. October is better for love and creativity even a holiday, and from the 5th of November - 5th March 2022 Venus shines a light on close relationships making this a very interesting and promising phase, love is in the air.

Work and Daily Routine

Your occupation and everyday routine are blessed this year, and may be linked to distances or to a sensitive spiritual type of person, there is much empathy and love involved. Your career is extra busy but subject to deep change or opposition from someone close; there may be financial changes and the unexpected. In late March to mid April work is a happy place and you achieve a lot, earnings are good in July with the unexpected in August. From 7th October – early November your work and routine bring feelings of well being; there are surprises in December and you need to look at your cash flow; from the 13th December until late January 2022 your work and routine are in overdrive, you achieve much, watch your health in this phase.