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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


Much in your life this year is influenced by the journey of Jupiter, in the months up to late May your friendships and objectives are interwoven into your work and daily routine. Friends are there for you on a daily basis, supporting you with advice and camaraderie, as well as a listening ear. From late May for a year Jupiter travels through your hidden and private sector where your psychic senses act as a guide, and silent protection is there health wise, along with all you do behind the scenes, also a spiritual connection brings much comfort. There is a focus on all types of communications, with most of them being upbeat and optimistic, you talk to friends, family, and other relatives in a philosophical way, sometimes however, conversations have a more serious tone when discussing each others problems, and how your partner is or was your greatest meaning in life. There are plenty of discussions relating to your work and daily routine, many of these talks are of a sympathetic or compassionate nature, you are a very caring soul and others turn to you. Travel abroad may be off the agenda for the time being, but some of you do work that involves foreign Countries, however the journey of Neptune means you need to be aware that deception or illusion can go hand in hand with an idealised view of somewhere abroad, or even with a person you regard as special, so take off those rose coloured specs and keep your feet on the ground, however you do sense and feel what others do not for most of the time. The journey of Pluto can indicate a powerful interest in metaphysics, or an intense and strong relationship, it could also be that shared resources are spent on family and pleasures, or perhaps there are beginnings and endings in your life.

Love and Romance

Love surrounds you in your everyday life and work, and those who are looking for love may find it close at hand or at a distance. It’s quite likely that a Capricorn or Aquarian could be important to your life, but there can be problems, it could be a life lesson, however it could also be long lasting love with a Karmic connection. Late January-mid February there is a lot of love for you, and from early January-mid February there are more mutual activities which are linked to your aims, you achieve a great deal in mid January. A pleasant interlude is to be had in March as long as you keep your feet on the ground, rose coloured specs are likely in April, but in July you shine like a silver Moon. From 23rd September-18th October romance is leading to greater things, you feel commitment, this continues in November; emotionally there is an inner richness in the last two months of the year.

Work and Daily Routine

There are a lot of discussions in your working life and in your everyday routine, perhaps there are links to abroad work wise, however changes or obstacles are likely. You have certain aims in your occupation, many of you have your own business, this year is different, expect a need of adapting and adjustments. January reflects all of the above, in April something ends, but your career is happily influenced by Venus; May to early June can be hectic, and the 18th October-11th November Venus makes your daily life uplifting, even small tasks are done with a glad heart. Your work and routine are busy in December, but something has to give so that celebrations can be enjoyed.