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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


There is quite an emphasis on partnerships and how you relate to others, a friendship could be your saviour, as could a project or goal. Many conversations take place in your private life, maybe linked to work you do behind the scenes; also relatives can figure strongly as well as someone special who has a spiritual link with you. There is a focus this year on your friendships, groups, and your objectives, something works out amazingly well, in a spiritual sense you realise that you are being guided, however there is always a chance of the unexpected, a friend may leave your life. This year you are very busy in your private life, a lot is going on that could be linked to your career, or to appointments that are health orientated; while those who combine spirituality with their career find it improves their status, in the months up to May 17th, Jupiter enhances this area (see the section on work). The rest of the year Jupiter may bring you a new friend, or an old friend could be beneficial to you in some way, as well as this, a goal could be realised or a dream will come true. On the 8th March Saturn moves to a new sign, leaving a heavy two year phase behind, it is now affecting long distance travel which might prove difficult except for work reasons, also any study requires patience and application, concentration is key. Your partner can become your meaning in life, and they may be a Capricorn or Aquarian, also you might have doubts about your beliefs, but on the plus side, whatever you set your mind on this year, you have the grit and determination to succeed.

Love and Romance

Relationships figure strongly this year, for those looking for love, it may be found with an intense, passionate person, but for some there can be an ending, the year is all about beginnings and endings, whatever the circumstances, there is a lot of love for you. In January the above is especially significant, love is given and received, thoughts are shared with friends in February, and an attraction is possible in April. In May and June you have a peaceful attractive aura, while August is poignant, and from the 12th October-24th November you seek pleasure and romance. December is a special month for you, when love and happiness are top of the list, you have a strong sense of commitment. Love can have a Universal quality this year, or maybe it is kept under wraps.

Work and Daily Routine

Your career is blessed by Jupiter up to the 17th May, and you feel fulfilled emotionally, there may be opportunities and promotions with a subsequent rise in status, your daily routine is satisfying and you could be multi tasking. From the 20th February until the 17th March your career is in harmony with your everyday life, March is especially pleasing; earnings make you feel good in April, May is hectic, July is promising for work and routine and you are more secure in a financial sense, travel is a possibility. A busy phase ensues on the 24th November, and lasts until early January, you may feel a little frustrated or limited in some way, or even under par, it’s important to pace yourself and look after your health, by making sure you have time to relax and unwind.