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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


It is a very busy month for you where your home and family are concerned, but at the start of the month you feel you are not achieving as much as you would like, something disturbs your equilibrium. Emotions are strong in the above areas, and you spend as much as you can on those you love; conversations mainly take place at work or with family, and tend to have a sensitive or sympathetic element. Your friendships and goals are highlighted, and talking to friends is cathartic, you have a mutual empathy and can discuss problems and joys with each other. In general your plans and aims go well so give yourself a pat on the back. You want this month to be special, and you get along famously with siblings or other relatives, you experience a sense of commitment. Discussions or communications are quite intense, but there is a lot of love, however there is an obstacle or difficulty to contend with, or maybe that message doesn’t appear; most of your verbal exchanges with others are heart warming, and you get out and about spending your hard earned, with a sense of caution however. There may be changes in the life of a family member, and you can be concerned, but as always you are there for them if they need support. A new Moon brings a new phase for home and family, with a surprise or the unexpected.