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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2022

This month is all about the things you love to do, and the people you love. There can be lots of spending of shared resources, and deep emotions when it comes to your partner or others you are close to, interactions are filled with significance at this time, and some of you may be consulting professionals of some sort. Your partnership zone is emphasised, and there is a lot of love for you from your partner or linked to someone you have lost, empathy and caring is with you this month. On the 11th until late October Jupiter moves to a new sign, it can bring positive circumstances involving shared resources, even a windfall or a life event that has a silver lining; for many of you, deep emotions enhance intimacy; also expanding your esoteric knowledge is beneficial. Venus is in this area for most of the month, therefore you have much to smile about, it is joined by Mars from the 25th until early July so there can be deep feelings over joint possessions and money, along with this your inner drives are likely to become much stronger. Conversations this month are mainly helpful and productive as well as being upbeat and exciting, you sort out a lot and talk over important matters, close family are likely to be involved.