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Monthly Horoscope for April 2024


Someone or something you feel strongly about leaves you with a feeling of dismay or sadness, it could even be a financial matter that worries you, however with Venus gracing the area of finances, deep emotions, and important matters, you are feeling quite secure most of the time, but try not to be over optimistic, keep your feet firmly planted; love at this time leaves you feeling emotional, and perhaps a bit needy. Early in the month you feel much compassion for your partner or someone else you are close to, and there is a focus on the way you feel inwardly, your home, and your family, you are very sensitive towards those you love and some kind of loss could be on your mind, a word of warning, beware of illusion or self delusion, although it is mainly compassion you feel. For some of you an impromptu journey is likely, it takes you by surprise, and if you study it shows brilliance in your chosen field. You are very busy this month, and at times can be irritable especially with your partner, but you manage to achieve whatever you set out to do, powerful emotions drive you on, you were never a one to shirk your duties. A total Solar Eclipse opens up a new phase for shared resources, deep emotions, and important matters, there may be the unexpected.