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Monthly Horoscope for July 2024


Friendships are an important part of your life, and this month you get on extremely well with them, they give you a sense of security especially if it is a well established friendship, this can also apply to someone you are close to in the family. You are concentrating on plans and objectives involving those you love, and hope that you can realise your dreams and wishes. From the middle of the month onwards your private life is highlighted and could be centred around work, or your family and any changes in their lives, there may also be health matters and it is a time to take a step back and concentrate on finding a bit of inner peace, perhaps connecting on a spiritual level, or simply unwinding from your hectic life. You have deep feelings about distant destinations, study, or the people who matter in your life, and this month you long to throw off the shackles and have an adventure, plans are in place and together you achieve a great deal. There is much conversation with friends and family and it is likely to involve those special plans and aims, there is also feelings of sympathy with someone close, it can be a two way street. Late in the month strong emotions about your career or outdoor life are likely, work brings you great rewards and you are gaining a certain amount of power in your occupation, changes have suited you well.