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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


It’s a good year for your private life whatever that involves, it may be a sense of pride in your children, musical or spiritual interests, or simply enjoying yourself. This phase is particularly relevant in the months up to late May, after that date Jupiter makes its self known in your working life, (see my section on work and Routine). Jupiter can also be fortunate health wise, if you have an ailment, a wise doctor will be helpful, Jupiter is in your sector of work and health from late May for a year, however for some of you Jupiter may not be so kind. There is a strong emphasis on the people and things that you treasure, along with study, travel, or your beliefs, you have deep feelings in these areas. Holidays and foreign shores could be on your mind, while beliefs or studies can be inspirational, however, responsibilities towards relatives bring you down to earth, Saturn is also teaching you that the way you communicate with others requires refining to combat any bad form. You could be talking to and messaging those you know at a distance, there is a mutual sympathy with each other, and there is a lot to discuss in your private life, there can be a sense of travel versus responsibilities. Pluto moves into your earnings and security sector in late January until the start of September, and then from late November onwards, therefore you aim to make as much money as possible in order to realise your dreams, also a Scorpio type of person brings you the security you need, they may even be a friend, also in this area there can be beginnings and endings. Friendships and groups bring great feelings of self worth.

Love and Romance

With Jupiter in your sector of romance, fun, and recreation, those looking for love may well find it, but it will be kept private. Attractions come out of the blue, however if you are in a happy relationship, your private life is filled with love. Your partner brings much meaning to your life and your love is rewarded, but responsibilities can get in the way of fun and romance. However there is balance in the months up to May, also in April or May there can be the unexpected or a goal has an obstacle, but later in the month there is a lot of love surrounding you. From mid June until mid July there is a strong sense of commitment, and relationships thrive, especially in July. From early September to November you achieve a lot in unison, but sometimes it can lead to altercations, so try be more tolerant. In November and early December, you are at your best, and there are some surprises in December.

Work and Daily Routine

From late May onwards for a year, Jupiter is highlighting your work and routine, many of you are working from home, and in private you are very busy, work could involve distances, while those in a caring role can feel a little stressed. However, Jupiter can bring opportunities, expansion, and help, the Cavalry come over the hill. February is significant for your career or public life, and from late May – mid June, your work and routine has a great vibe, you feel peaceful and capable. From late July – early September it can be a bit hectic, there may be changes and good fortune in your working or caring life, you leave the year with a sense of satisfaction.