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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


You do a lot of conversing and communicating about those special interests you are involved in, you also have many sensitive discussions with relatives, something this year changes the status quo especially in the area of friendships or your objectives, but upturning your life may be the wrong plan of action. There is a focus on shared resources and earnings with decisions to make, you have powerful emotions in these areas; do you spend your hard earned on a special dream, something you desire that will add to your experience of life, or do you bide your time until a later date; for some of you an unexpected addition to the family is possible. With Jupiter in your zone of security and earnings for most of the year, your bank balance should swell and feelings of self worth blossom, however Saturn also occupies this area encouraging you to conserve and be cautious, but be careful you don't take this too far and miss out on life. From mid May to the end of July Jupiter brings beneficial communications and helpful relatives with an emphasis on your private life. Your yearning for travel grows stronger, and for many your spiritual life brings much comfort, it helps you deal with decisions and problems, it is necessary and adds to the quality of your life. Your home and the domestic scene are a whirlwind of activity this year, as you surge forwards in an unstoppable way, although at times you feel thwarted or come up against obstacles; you may not be able to achieve all you set out to do so be philosophical because on the whole it is a very fruitful year.

Love and Romance

For those of you looking for love it may be found at a distance or at work, a few of you keep love under wraps for one reason or another, but for those happily attached you experience spiritual love with your partner, while others concentrate on a universal love. Those in a partnership have strong emotions when it comes to their security and may be torn two ways, there could be challenges within the relationship. From early January – March you seek fun, pleasure, and romance, but there are difficulties or hold ups, however mid April - 8th May is more conducive to having a good time. Late April - 11th June there are more mutual activities but with the chance of friction, however May is significant in some way, and in June there is a lot of love. August is special, and October is a mix of highs and lows; in November – March 2022 Venus is in your sign bringing love, harmony and joy.

Work and Daily Routine

You could be working abroad or work has links to distances, some of you work in solitude, however security can be an issue or working abroad could be a daydream. There is a need to discuss your work with those close to you, and to do what you instinctively feel is right for you and your family, change is always an option. In February you feel committed, and in March financially secure and happy in your career. March and April are extremely busy when it comes to your working life and routine; May 9th - 2nd June brings bliss to your daily round and you sense you are on the right path. Mid August - 10th September is beneficial for your career, and work is hectic from mid September to the end of October, you achieve a lot. November and December you realise you have made the right decisions.