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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


This year you are raring to go, you want to have fun and make the most of your life. Your creative side is highlighted and set free, whatever you create brings admiration, and hobbies fill your life with pleasure, so sing with abandon, write that piece of music, just do whatever you are good at. If you have spiritual leanings it will have much meaning to you this year, and if you want an addition to your family or not, it could happen quite out of the blue. You leave no stone unturned this year, your mentality is powerful, especially when you want to make some drastic change, you are functioning at your best, but look before you leap. Your daily routine will be extra busy, so beware of stress taking its toll, look after your health by adopting a good health regime, it is important. In the month up to the 17th May, if you are looking for a property, you could find the perfect home and location, for others, renovations to update your living space are likely, you tend to be filled with optimism and have distances on your mind, you might even want to live in another Country. From the 17th May onwards your year is filled with excitement and joy, you could certainly travel and expand your life in some way. From early March for over two years Saturn brings lessons to you centred around the ways in which you communicate, and you will tend to have more responsibilities when it comes to relatives.

Love and Romance

Your outer persona wins over the hearts and minds of those close to you, as well as the people you come into contact with. It is an important year for love, it is make or break, and if you are looking for romance you may find it at work or with someone who is a friend, it can be a passionate encounter and quite out of the blue; there is much love for you this year, and many of you find it at home. March is special for love and from the 25th-20th May you achieve a lot together, and from mid March to mid April happiness and surprises rule the day. From the 17th May for a year your private life is blessed, but there may be important changes you will have to adapt to, travel could be involved. Early May until early June relationships are harmonious and committed; July, August, and September are about holidays and passion. Relationships take centre stage in December, but you find it difficult to get everything done.

Work and Daily Routine

There will be changes in your working life, maybe self engendered, or you could have reached a pinnacle, therefore hold a powerful position. Work and your routine could be hectic until late March, and February is significant for work and duties, some of you are helping a relative. From the 11th April-7th May things are easier but there are challenges to deal with. You feel strongly about work in September, but may be torn between work and other priorities, you may need a holiday; while in November work and distances can figure, or duties involving relatives could be a priority, whatever the situation you will cope because you are strong.