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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


There may have been important or even monumental changes in your private life, either last year or in the present, and they could be linked to your partner or dealings with professionals. Talking things over along with communications of all kinds is highlighted, but there may be stumbling blocks and frustrations, not everything will work out in your favour so be philosophical, your status in the world is assured. There is a strong emphasis on all that gives your life meaning, including relationships and those special people, also travel and all your interests; however you have to integrate change into these areas, and perhaps find new directions to pursue. You do a lot of spending in the days up to late March, and you can be touchy when it comes to your values, remember that material things are not the worth of the man. Up to mid May, Jupiter offers you protection, while the rest of the year it is in your sign, therefore helpful people and resources could enter your life, but someone could exit your life, and leave an inheritance. Saturn changes sign on the 8th March for over two years, it will teach you to discriminate in friendships, one friend could last the course and you will learn some valuable lessons; also objectives may have to be re-assessed as they might not be feasible, new goals will take their place. Uranus continues its journey in your sign, helping you to be progressive and humanitarian with just a touch of rebel.

Love and Romance

In your love life there is a spiritual quality when it comes to understanding and supporting each other, but for some of you, a loss or transformation is appropriate in your life. Those of you looking for love seek a clever witty person, while those in a relationship encounter tension and changes which they need to adapt to. There are some happy and romantic times in May, and from 10th July - 27th August, you seek fun, romance, and pleasure, it is a busy phase and your feet hardly touch the ground. A holiday is possible in September, and from the 9th October - 7th November breaks away are again likely, whatever your circumstances there is a lot of joy. From the 12th October until 23rd November there is much activity and some tension in close relationships, but from the 5th December - 29th you find extra delight in each others company.

Work and Daily Routine

Your work and routine give your life meaning, however this year there are important changes and lessons learnt in these areas in the days up to the 7th March. Work or your public life go through a good phase for most of January, but there are limitations in March, to add to this, on the 24th Pluto enters the picture until the 10th June edging you towards a new direction, changes in June point the way. From the 28th August until the 11th October work and your routine are hectic, but from 8th November until the 4th December peace and order descend, also in December changes have to be implemented.