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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


You have deep feelings about your home and family, along with your financial affairs; because you are a fixed sign you don’t welcome change, and yet, with Uranus still in Taurus you are getting restless. There is an emphasis on all the ways in which you find pleasure, including, hobbies, meals out, family social occasions, and romance, you find time for enjoyment and doing the things you love. If you have a creative hobby, this is the time to take it seriously, it could be lucrative, also you are choosy and discriminating in your interests etc., and when it comes to love, only someone special will do. Saturn is moving through your house of friendships and aims, therefore true friends will be thin on the ground, and your objectives may have to be re considered or abandoned, there are other alternatives. Your mind is on a life event, or financial matters, you exchange ideas and thoughts in your private life, and energies are used in these areas. Jupiter is in your sign up to late May, bringing resources or people who will enhance your life, a big change this year is possible. From late May until early June 2025, Jupiter brings powerful emotions when it comes to financial matters and your security, resources should grow, and your sense of self worth is rising, you have earned it. When it comes to friendships, the loss of a friend is likely, or it may simply be that there is an element of illusion or delusion where a friend is concerned, this can also be the case when it comes to plans forming in your mind.

Love and Romance

Love is a deep and meaningful experience this year, with intimacy a priority, and when it comes to shared resources there is a need to be cautious, there is a sense of being restricted in the above matters, however you can adapt to any changes in your daily life. Romance is likely for you singles, and for all of you there are romantic holidays with lots of pleasure in store, a few of you meet someone special at work. February is promising for travel or study and much love is coming your way, March is not easy, but you are committed to your partner, and May could arouse some jealousy. August is good for couples and singles, you may meet someone special, in October there is a lot of mutual love, and November is about good times, December is surprising, some of you find love at a distance.

Work and Daily Routine

You have strong feelings about your work, and you may have had to adapt to changes, either self engendered or not; with Uranus travelling through your sign (see my blog), a massive change to your working life is possible, it is a time of endings and beginnings. In late February and throughout March your career or public life are very busy, with satisfying phases and a bit of hassle, in May deep change is likely, and in September you feel happier and settled, the fates are on your side. In December Venus shines a light on your career and public life, therefore work goes well, and you enjoy your life out of doors.