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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


As well as exciting experiences and happy times, there are certain challenges or changes this year; remember that life goes in cycles with highs and lows and you are more than capable of coping and coming out smiling. There is an emphasis on your home life, your parents, and how you feel inwardly, it is possibly a case of home versus your public life, there are surprises or even shocks in these areas, while for some of you it is your career that is linked to the unexpected, and with Jupiter in this zone apart from mid May – August pairing up with Saturn there could be complicated scenarios. Conversations are sensitive and sympathetic as well as being emotive and deep, also there is a continuation of a long running busy phase in your private life which will resolve itself at some point, although it may take a while, at times you feel depleted and exhausted. You will tend to crave travel and holidays and have powerful feelings in this area, and with Uranus still moving through Taurus you could want to break out, rebel, or do something humanitarian, something you feel strongly about; there is a big surprise this year. With the journey of Neptune it is still possible that you will lose a friend, or simply have much empathy with them, talking to friends is helpful for lots of reasons. The journey of Pluto shows endings and beginnings to beliefs, and a need to put certain matters into the past thereby moving on with your life.

Love and Romance

There are deep feelings surrounding your love life this year, and those special people you are close to; singles should be aware that passion can close your eyes to reality. You are very sensitive to your partners feelings just now and a happy link between Venus and Mars shows a mutual empathy that is hard to beat. Partner wise April is crucial, May can herald a lovely break away, and there is a lot of love in June. From 22nd July - 15th August love can be found for those who are looking, and from August to mid September you seek fun and good times. From 11th September - 7th October there is a mix of bliss in partnerships, lots of love, and some challenges; happy times ensue in November along with plenty of mutual activities, this lasts until Mid December and celebrations go well.

Work and Daily Routine

With both Jupiter and Saturn moving through your zone of career, opportunities could come knocking, you may be drawn to an unusual occupation which can be a complete change, but you will have to put the effort in, Saturn doesn't take the easy route; also your social life will expand and there may be the unexpected. You feel passionate about your work and daily routine and will be busy from early January – March, with much to please you in March. From mid August to mid September you achieve much when working and at home, and from 15th September to the end of October there is quite a hectic phase; changes and news fill November and December.