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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


It is quite a mixed bag this year, it kicks off with a challenging situation or an event that is difficult for you, but as the year progresses the focus is on all that helps you feel secure, including money, interests, and the people you are close to; it is important to conserve your cash as it is needed for a particular goal, surprises are likely in these areas, and a source of money could hit a road block, but a friend or an Aquarian is a godsend. The important thing is to believe in yourself and your gifts and abilities, it enables you to face the world smiling, your status is assured. With Jupiter in Aries up to the 17th May, helpful people and resources could enter your life, and there is a strong urge to travel or to study, students are on a roll and filled with excitement, while others long for new places and distant locations. From the 17th May until the end of the year, Jupiter helps with your financial situation, and raises your self esteem, there is a lot of love for you. In the days up to the 24th March communication plays a big part in your life, as do your relatives, writing and key pads are essential and your mind is very much on the ball. Saturn changes sign on the 8th March for over two years, so look after your health and don’t rush into anything, risks are not advised; it’s time to look forward to a new order by clearing debris from the past such as mistakes or bad moves, try not to be hard on yourself, your future is waiting. You have deep feelings about your chosen path, and have the determination to be a winner, it is in your hands to make your dream come true.

Love and Romance

Whatever your relationship status there is a lot of love for you this year. There can be endings or beginnings in a romance, or the deepening of a close relationship, for some a loss required a helpful listening ear, others are there for you. March is wonderful for a relationship or for love coming your way, with much pleasure in April; from 6th June - 8th October is all about fun, joy, holidays, and romance, with the odd challenge and busy phase, July is noteworthy, but keep an eye on the money situation; September bring one or two issues to light. From 8th November until the 4th December, relationships and your interactions with others give little angst, but you may hit a rocky patch in December, however a relationship can become more committed.

Work and Daily Routine

Your work, study, and your life path are going the way you wanted, there are a lot of conversations revolving around this, you aim for the stars with confidence. January starts the year happily, and May is very busy and rewarding when it comes to work and your routine, from the 10th July until the end of August it is hectic, your feet hardly touch the ground. You are in a good place mentally in September, and from the 9th October until 7th November, work, study and routine bring the feel good factor with money matters bringing satisfaction. You feel committed to your career and happy with your status in December, you have come a long way.