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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


This is a year when romance, wining and dining and good times are a high priority; as well as this you are at your creative best and are prepared to put the work into your creations, however there is a struggle, someone may not agree with something you are aiming for, or money is not forthcoming for said goal. This year you feel particularly sensitive and sympathetic towards others, and can see to the root of any problem especially if it concerns your career or life outside the home. The position of Mars indicates that you are a person that stands out from the crowd, you have inner resources and the willpower to make things happen, but sometimes you feel frustrated and lack energy which you need as it is an extremely busy time for you, any changes are self engendered. Jupiter helps you to make friends this year, people who will bring meaning to your life, but some friendships that you have cherished will leave and move on; both Jupiter and Saturn in this area means you are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to your plans and goals, you will work hard to realise your dreams. Uranus in your second house is unpredictable money wise, but it also indicates that a friend makes you feel secure as well as raising your sense of self worth and helping with confidence issues. In your private life your have the ability to heal others with your tenderness and caring, and are attracted by music or fantasy, the sea is healing for you especially if you feel depleted.

Love and Romance

If you are seeking love then it is an important year, also a surprising one; love may be found at a distance or in a place of learning, there can be a spiritual link between you. If you are happily attached then a holiday will be romantic, even blissful, however you all have to face reality at some point. January is a high spot for romance, and February could herald changes; March is special for close relationships, and May good for friendships. In June you seek pleasure, fun, and romance, but in July there are restrictions, in August relationships have a more settled feel, and there is a lot of love for you in September with a sense that much has been achieved. October is a challenging month, and December has more highs than lows, friendships come to the rescue.

Work and Daily Routine

Your career and path in life is helped by a lovely link between the Sun and Uranus, the goal you have worked towards is now being realised, conversations revolve around these matters along with your private life, talking is deep and emotive. January is pleasing for your career and public life, and your daily routine is fulfilling in February. May is special career wise, and from the end of July to mid August work and your everyday routine bring the feel good factor; August to mid September you are busy bee so it is essential to find time to relax. November is a breeze when it comes to work and social occasions, this continues until March 2022.