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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


Your daily routine, work, and duties are lucrative for you, and give you a certain amount of security, especially as you have a strong drive to travel or study. Your mind is fixated on the above matters, and conversations often drift to the above subjects, for some of you there are strong spiritual beliefs enabling you to rise above the mundane, you take flight and soar spiritually. It is important however not to let daydreams or fantasy get out of hand or a sadness deter you from your path, also it would be wise to look after your health, a good health regime is crucial in order to combat stress. Until late May Jupiter is in a good position where earnings are concerned, and being careful with your spending is helpful, there are things you want to achieve. You feel reasonably secure with those special people in your life, and with the things you love to do; from late May 2024 until June 2025 Jupiter brings fortunate matters through the power of your mind along with beneficial communications and conversations, this also applies to relatives who are helpful in some way. Saturn continues its journey in your 12th house indicating a more serious approach to your life and life path, it’s also important to attend to any mental or physical complaints, as they say ‘a stitch in time’; yes there is the odd challenge, but there are some wonderful times ahead. Pluto moves to your friendship and aims sector until September, and from late November onwards, therefore an intense friendship can develop, and you have much depth of feeling when it comes to your aims, however there can be beginnings and endings in these areas, because Pluto tends to erase whatever is no longer necessary to your world.

Love and Romance

A relationship brings much meaning to your life, but there are limitations in certain areas, or a health issue in the partnership. Those seeking love may find it at a distance, or in a place of learning, but distances or other factors could be problematic. A relationship is subject to important changes, and a partner is accepting of your particular path in life; something wonderful takes place this year, linked to travel, finances, or study, something you have worked hard for. A partnership is at the forefront in February, and there is a lot of love for you; singles could find romance, in April you shine like a star. July is sweet as wine in certain ways, and August is surprising. In September communications are special, and it is an important month for love; November and December you seek pleasure and romance, in December you are retracing your steps.

Work and Daily Routine

There is an emphasis this year on work, duties, your daily routine and health, a nice link to Jupiter means you reap the rewards, however there is a need to look after your health, see a doctor if you are concerned. You work hard in January – to mid February, and late January – mid February work and duties are a pleasure, your public life is also rewarding, you receive praise for your efforts. There is a surprise in April and June, and in August your daily life is pleasant, but with the odd challenge. September is lacklustre at times, and there is a possibility of the unexpected, in October you achieve a lot and feel good about yourself, however there is a need to look after your body and mind. From mid November- 6th December your career and public life give much to be grateful for, with some nice surprises.