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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2023


There are quite a few Planets in the subconscious, spirit, and private life sector, therefore you are embroiled in whatever lies below the surface in your psyche. You will find a way to deal with past issues and put them to rest, overcoming inner strife in the process. There can be major or subtle changes in your life that will prove beneficial in the long run, this includes any solitary work, a health matter, or even a house move; while spiritually, time spent in contemplation and mindfulness is very special this year, it will help you immensely, treasure this connection to spirit. Whatever you put effort into, especially when relating to others, whether, relatives, friends, or close family, maybe even the general public, it is intrinsic to your life this year, the written word is significant, and so is getting out and about locally, there can be a sense of deja vu. Jupiter continues to benefit you in the areas of messages, communications, relatives, and local travel up to mid May, also writing can be profitable or satisfying. After mid May and well into 2024, Jupiter is helpful if you want to update your home or find the perfect property, inwardly you are optimistic, aiming for the stars. Saturn leaves your sign in early March, which can be a relief in some ways, you are wiser now and more grounded, however Saturn will now make you begin to make you very aware financially, a sense of caution descends, but you have wisdom on your side, therefore you can deal with any eventuality.

Love and Romance

You seek romance in your life if you are looking for it, effort is poured into conversations and communications, also in getting out and about locally. Those who are happily attached, enjoy a great rapport and have many happy times together. There is a great sense of universal love, and being altruistic feeds the soul, most Aquarian’s understand the concept, also deep changes are possible this year. Inwardly January is satisfying in the area of relationships and family, while February brings romance and pleasure, so enjoy yourselves. There are lots of loving words and happiness in March and April is a mixed bag of the positive and the challenging; love can deepen in May, and in June relationships are in focus bringing much meaning to your life, also Venus shines a loving light from early June until 8th October, but it isn’t all roses, so be aware and be realistic.

Work and Daily Routine

If you work from home you are in a powerful position, working at a high level of excellence, however for some of you there is an ending that is inevitable, or there may be a complete change of career. You have come far and incorporated new structures into your life, in March there is a realisation. From late March until 20th May your work and routine can be hectic, however with Venus in this area also until 5th June, you find pleasure in work and tasks. There is a sense of commitment in June, but there are difficult matters to deal with; August can see changes which are needed, and in September, earnings need to be assessed. From October 12th until late November your career is busy, you have deadlines to meet; in December you feel established and your public life is sparkling, however you may be juggling with changes, or have other matters to consider.