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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2021


You have strong feeling about your private life and your children, you work away diligently helping family and friends; those who are spiritual experience a powerful connection to something greater, and if you have a medical problem there is beneficial help for you. An unexpected piece of news can rock your world this year, but friendships are a saving grace, they help with advice or provide a strong shoulder, but there is also the possibility of losing a valued friend. There is a focus on relationships or interactions with professionals of some kind, and there is the unexpected or opposition from a certain quarter, you may even want to move home. It is a very busy year for communications and discussing matters with others, relatives are in the picture and feelings run deep, but you may not be able to help as much as you would wish as you could have your own problems. However Jupiter and Saturn are in your sign now therefore there will be fortunate matters of great assistance to you as well as challenges to be faced, it is a year of highs and lows, but these two Planets are balancing each other giving you strength, optimism, and the willpower to change your life for the better; from mid May to August Jupiter is beneficial money wise or health wise and your self esteem rises. This year speaking out instead of keeping feelings to yourself is revolutionary, so make sure you have a voice and are able to access your own power which is remarkable in itself.

Love and Romance

As far as relationships go this is a very significant year, there may be challenging circumstances and problems that require resolution, the unexpected is likely or a major difference of opinion, however a balance can be achieved and love win the day, if fact the Sun is in good aspect to Uranus and has the promise of mutual understanding. For singles a relationship may develop from a friendship, or perhaps in a foreign country, but there is a need to keep your feet on the ground or there could be deception or a loss of money. There is a lot of love for you in February, and in March and April you seek pleasure and romance, in May there are happy times and more commitment for those in love. Relationships are bliss in July with surprises, and mid June – August there are more activities and a bit if friction in partnerships. September is fun, October is thought provoking, and something changes in November, December is poignant.

Work and Daily Routine

If you work alone there is likely to be a lot of writing and computing, and there are two possibilities, your words either have power, or it may be time to call it a day, however many of you enjoy the abundance that your work brings whether you work alone or with others. There can be reasons that prevent you from achieving as much as you would wish, therefore you will have to give the matter thought, creative work is an option. From 23rd April - 11th June your work and routine are very busy, in June it is also a pleasure with certain rewards; from mid September – early October you gain a lot from your career but there are other factors to consider. From November to mid December your career is hectic and at times you feel unable to cope with it all, but you will. December is more conducive to work and achievement.