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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2024


Inwardly you are feeling more optimistic and happier in your own skin, there is an ease in dealing with past issues, you are more able to be at peace, forgiving yourself and others. A friendship can satisfy you emotionally, and if you are looking for a new home, you could find the perfect property, this is the case in the months up to late May; changes that are not self engendered may be the reason for a move. From late May onwards your creative abilities are second to none, and hobbies bring much joy, also you are very proud of any children in the family, this is all down to the journey of Jupiter, sometimes though, it can bring a sadness or a challenge. Emotions are powerful this year when it comes to either shared resources, a health matter, or a sudden life event, but a beneficial aspect to Jupiter helps you to deal with any scenario as you are able to cope. There is a lot to talk over with friends in a sympathetic and sensitive way, friendships are a great support even though you both have your troubles; also keep on eye on your financial situation as resources may be dwindling. Saturn brings a sense of caution when it comes to money matters, or a health condition that is Karmic in nature, and whether it’s finances or health it can affect your aims in life. Pluto is in your sign in the months up to September, and then from late November onwards for a long stay, this can have a powerful or subtle affect on your life and perhaps your work, it also helps you to leave the issues in your past that don’t serve you any more. There is a mix this year of good times and difficult matters, your sense of humour will keep you on the bright side of life.

Love and Romance

For some of you, your best friend can seem like a partner, but all is not as your would wish, if you are looking for love it may be found within a friendship, but it can be a learning experience. Some of you find love at a distance, just have your wits about you as it could be a scam. Those in a committed relationship have a partner that fulfils an emotional need, and intimacy is special, however health or money is a limiting factor. From late February until mid March, you are magnetic, peace loving, and talkative, there is the unexpected in April, and from late May until mid June there is a lot of love for you, and others admire your strength. From mid July until early August partnerships thrive, there is peace and harmony, you are very busy enjoying yourselves but keep your feet on the ground. September is surprising and important for relationships, with something sad or difficult in October, in November and December there is much activity with a bit of an edge.

Work and Daily Routine

You are dedicated when it comes to your work and Routine, you have strong feelings in this area as it fulfils you emotionally, however something is limiting, it could be a health problem, or it may be linked to your private life. March is significant for your career, but there are challenges or the unexpected, in late April until mid July tasks and work bring the feel good factor, and if you have a health problem, it improves. From early September to early November the pace quickens and you achieve a great deal, also from late September until late October, your career is satisfying. November is an important month in your working life, and the rewards are obvious, surprises are possible.