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Monthly Horoscope for April 2024


Someone you care for may have problems, and the things you love to do have limitations, it’s down to a need to be cautious with money and because of this you have to be careful not to overspend, however there are things you want so be wise. There can be a need for sympathy or compassion which renders you thoughtful and can interfere with the joy factor, but music helps to heal as does immersing yourself in some kind of creativity or escapism. Your drives are strong in this phase, and you find ways to channel this by weaving it into your routine, but watch a tendency to be irritable and impatient so count to ten and breathe. Conversations are heart warming with those who bring meaning to your life, you get on well with the people who are special to you, also, distances and those at a distance may be relevant along with the pastimes you love to indulge in, dreams can be noteworthy at this time. When it comes to your career or public life there is a big chance of a surprise, you may be in line for a promotion, or a great work opportunity, a few of you make a romantic conquest. There is a sense of going over old ground until the 25th when you can move forwards, also a total Solar Eclipse brings a new phase for travel or study, publishing is relevant for some of you and there is the chance of the unexpected.