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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


This month always has special meaning for you, there are pleasures to enjoy and you want to treat the people you love and care for, you want to spread the love and happiness, however, early in the month, circumstances or hidden fears can interfere with the joy you feel, therefore it is important to be hopeful and positive in your attitude. There is focus on your private life and powerful emotions are par for the course, any medical matters go well and you are particularly tuned in where gut feelings are concerned; spiritually you find comfort connecting with something greater, you find strength and may even have an epiphany, also you feel satisfied with any solitary work. When it comes to your career or public life, you are on a roll, and a woman can be especially important at this time. In the realm of relatives and communications, there may be something difficult, or a change in the life of someone close, a message evokes sympathy, or there can be an obstacle to communication. From the 5th onwards you are happiest on your home ground, and get on well with those close to you, there is a sense of commitment when it comes to making your home a welcome retreat, a great deal of love comes your way. Conversations tend to be about your plans and forthcoming celebrations, as well as sensitive subjects and financial matters, and a new Moon bring a new phase of creativity, joy, and romance, with the unexpected.