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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2022

Your path in life has reached a stage where you feel something is missing and you experience a sense of loss; also those in a career can feel restricted, but for some of you it is quite possible that you will meet a future partner at work or at a public occasion. You are certainly busy this month and perhaps a little uncomfortable about financial matters, there can be a bit of friction over shared resources, however with Venus and Jupiter in this area, you have little to worry about, however money could be dwindling so keep a careful eye on it. Jupiter moves to a new sign on the 11th until late October, therefore your mind could be on travel or study, and maybe your religious or spiritual life. You enjoy holidays in this phase, and with Venus in this area for most of the month you love getting out and about, and get on well with family, life takes on more meaning. Mars joins Venus at the end of the month giving you the urge to experience new places and other lands, you could be planning a lovely break or a serious course of study. Most conversations take place with friends and family this month, and are generally upbeat and positive, especially in the work place, and in your everyday routine, there may be changes to discuss.