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Monthly Horoscope for July 2024


There is much mutual love in your private life, and you are especially happy with the women in your close circle, you have a sense of commitment that is admirable. There is a need to keep an eye on your spending as shared resources are subject to change, however, this month you have a handle on these matters. Conversations and communications have a sympathetic vibe, but can be stimulating and even surprising when it comes to future endeavours, and if you have any kind of health problem or have worries about someone close, discussing it is the way forwards, it will lead you to a good place. Venus in your sign from the 12th onwards brings sparkle to your personality, and others seek your company, no mistaking that Leo charisma. There is a focus on your career or outdoor life and you go through a bit of a hectic phase, it has the bonus of bringing much meaning to your life, another plus is that you achieve a great deal. In late July Mars moves on, therefore friendships are emphasised and you tend to take the lead with friends, it also indicates that you may be planning excursions, holidays, or any other objectives that are close to your heart, you could fulfil a wish or a hope and the portents are good, this phase lasts until early September. You may have to adapt to certain changes or challenges but you are well equipped to do so.