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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

At times you worry about your security, whether that involves people or money, singles feel they need someone to share their life with, don't worry things will fall into place eventually with a little effort on your part. This month you are grateful that work is lucrative, you work hard for your money and in the first part of the month you spend in order to give your life extra meaning, there is a drive for new experiences and adventures. There is a focus on friendships and objectives, and many of you have lost a friend, however remaining friendships are a blessing; also your partner or possible soul mate is always there for you helping to raise your spirits. When making plans you have to consider all eventualities, and take certain matters into consideration, but enjoyment is waiting for you. You get on well with siblings or other relatives, and realise there is a lot of love for you, also communications of all kinds are pleasant and bring a feeling of well being, so get in touch and show them that you reciprocate the love. From the 11th onwards you feel more at peace inwardly, it is a good time to turn your attention to your home and enjoy your surroundings, however the 17th has its challenges. Later in the month around the 26th you will achieve something that brings satisfaction.