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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2021

Your partner is very involved in any problems you may have and is very supportive, also some of you could have an important appointment this month. Discussing deep and important matters is helpful and is the way forwards, you realise that there is silent protection around you and that you are loved. This is a busy phase as you and your partner enjoy more activities together, the fact that you can discuss most matters with them works in your favour, as they can give you a different take on an issue, or they come up with a bright idea. Closeness with your partner is desirable and appreciated, also financial matters are looking good, later in the month spending is likely and your drives become strong, you can achieve a lot in this phase as energy levels are high, so don't procrastinate and do what you can while the going is good. From the 11th onwards distances come into play, there may be a short break to look forward to, however around the 17th there could be a problem or something disturbing. Those intent on studying will feel inspired and determined, the world is your oyster; it's also a good time for your spiritual life and the things you love to do, albeit there are circumstances that limit you, so do take care.