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Monthly Horoscope for June 2024


You are happier inwardly this month and feel deeply about your home and family. Managing jobs in your home that have been put on hold is likely, you want your home to serve you well. With Jupiter now in this area for a year you feel more bouyant and get on well with family, (see my blog on the journey of Jupiter) it’s a time of expansion and you roll with any changes, however there is still the presence of Saturn in your sign limiting you in certain ways, or teaching you valuable lessons that bring wisdom. It is a significant month for you in the area of either health, music, the Arts in general or fantasy, there is a lot to talk about, and a recent message or conversation has or will be very surprising or unexpected, discussions and communications elicit much sympathy, and relatives can be involved. From the 9th onwards Mars is in your zone of communicating, therefore you talk to those people who make you feel secure, the conversations can also be about finances, try not to be verbally aggressive or argumentative in this phase, it won’t go down well with those you are close to. Early in the month you continue a phase of spending or wanting to spend, so don’t jump in without careful thought. Late in the month Venus lights up your sector of fun things to do such as outings, interests, and hobbies, and anything creative, but keep certain matters within bounderies and above board. You can feel compassion for a woman or younger family member, you are caring if they have troubles, it is a time to go with gut instincts. A new Moon brings a new phase for home matters, your domestic life, and family, you are loved.