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Monthly Horoscope for February 2024


There can be surprises or even shocks in a message or when conversing, you may even meet the unexpected when out and about. There is a strong emphasis on your private life and your spiritual life, there may even be an epiphany, or the feeling of a stronger connection to something greater. Subconscious matters reveal themselves resulting in feelings of attonement for past mistakes and injustices, so don’t be too hard on yourself, we are all flawed. On a positive note, from the 17th onwards Venus is in the above area therefore powerful emotions are par for the course, peace can be achieved through soul searching, meditiation, or just having some time to yourself to ponder on your past and future, important or subtle changes are likely. A new Moon brings a new phase for spirit, private matters, and health with the possibility of the unexpected. There is a focus on relationships, including intimacy or the lack of it, also financial matters, and other deep and meaningful issues, challenges or life events are possible. Conversations are mainly with friends and family, they can include your personal goals, these exchanges are helpful and heart warming, you get on well with others at this time.