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Monthly Horoscope for December 2023


Your career and public life may be limited by some sort of condition or circumstances, especially early in the month, however, where work and your life out of doors is concerned you are going through a busy phase, this gives you a feeling of security and of course, the rewards. Conversations revolve around the above matters, and are sensitive and sympathetic, but also helpful and constructive when it comes to change and obstacles. The lighter side of life is highlighted, and you look forwards to a bit of indulgence, fun, and surprises, also you make sure that any younger family members have a good time. Romance is important to you, so you have some special treats to enjoy together, and loving moments to remember, single Pisces simply have a whale of a time. When it comes to your goals, you may have to rethink them or find new paths to follow, nothing can stay the same forever. Early in the month you feel that a relationship is up against insurmountable obstacles or problems, then you realise that love has no barriers when given, or maybe someone you care for is faced with deep change. You have deep feelings about the things and people that give your life meaning, and you have a strong sense of commitment, also there can be a sense of being supported or helped spiritually, or by your beliefs. A new Moon opens up a new phase for your for your career or public life, with the unexpected, there can also be a feeling of loss or self delusion.